Epilepsy Awareness Training
In-house or Distance Learning - You Choose!


Option 1 - Epilepsy Awareness Training 

The aim of this half day session is to present an overview of epilepsy and the current treatment  for the various manifestations of this condition

Training Objectives include:-

       Understand the nature and incidence of epilepsy

       Be familiar with the various forms of epilepsy and their clinical features

       Understand the diagnostic methods for investigating suspected epilepsy

       Be able to explain the range of treatments available for this condition

       Be competent to administer first aid following an epileptic seizure

       Appreciate the social and occupational aspects of epilepsy



      The session will cover:-

·                       What is Epilepsy?

·                        The physiology of nerve impulses and the brain

·                        Incidence and prevalence of epilepsy

·                       Causes of the disease

·                       Symptoms

·                      Types of seizures

·                      Diagnosis of epilepsy

·                       Treatment options for epilepsy

·                       Medication used to treat epilepsy

·                       Basic first aid

·                      Emergency treatments

·                       The impact of Epilepsy



Option 2 - Epilepsy Awareness Training with Buccal Administration

Training as above with the additional practical administration AND competency Assessment for buccal midazolam


Option 3 - Epilepsy Awareness Training with Rectal Administration

Basic awareness training with the additional training in the rectal administration of diazepam and/or paraldehye INCLUDING competency assessment.


Option 4 - Epilepsy Awareness Training with Buccal Administration AND Rectal Administration

Make it a full day of training and combine all 3 options!

Option 5 - Epilepsy Awareness Training - Distance Learning Pack

This is awareness only delivered in 4 modules that can be done at your own pace.

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0330 100 2821 or email training@momentumpeople.co.uk

Here's what others have said about the training:-

"A very enjoyable and jargon free training session delivered to make you feel confident and competent' - Laura Walters June 2016

"A course set at a level for both new and older staff members to follow - great to update our information' - Edna morris, June 2016'

"The training was well delivered and informative. TeeJay had a great knowledge of medication and rescue medication and Epilepsy itself. Easy to follow :-) " - Michelle Williams, June 2016