Medication Training for Registered Managers – Role and Responsibilities

This full day medication training is specifically aimed at the level of registered manager, deputy manager and senior carer and covers the key areas necessary to meet the requirements of Regulation 12 of the Fundamental Standards for medication. An enjoyable, interactive and enlightening day delivered by an expert in medicines in social care.




  Course outcomes:-


• To be able to develop and implement safe practice
• Support staff to implement safe practice
• Be able to fulfil your role to meet Essential Standards
• Understand the importance of up to date policies and accurate record keeping
• Be able to evaluate risks involved with medicines


Course content:-

• Essential Standards Outcome 9

• Why the correct level of support matters
• Understanding the levels of support that care workers can give
• What can nurses delegate to care workers and how
• What does “Administration” really mean?
• Compliance aids to promote independence with medication
• Monitored dosage systems
• Secondary dispensing
• Equality Act 2010 – Assessment of needs
• Medication reviews
• Consent for medication and how we’re getting it wrong!

• Medicines in food and drink

• Covert administration
• Storage of medicines
• Disposal of medicines
• Record keeping
• Medicine Administration Records
• Assessing Risk

Cost for a full day session for up to 10 staff is £600 + plus travel

To book your in-house training call 0330 100 2821 or email NOW!

 What others said....

'A well presented course - professional presentation. Interactive session - course tutor clarly knoew her subject. Some very thought provoking ideas to take back and put in to practice' - Lynn Ahern, Linwood Park

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