Safe Use of Medicines Foundation Course - Level 2

Accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice this full day work shop is designed to deliver a more in depth session in medicines management and can be tailored to be delivered specifically to a specific care sector or to a mixed sector group. This course will be assessed and all delegates will receive handouts and a certificate at the end of the course.

It covers the following areas:-

CQC Professional Advice on the Administration of Medicines
Legislation and Guidance

3 Levels of support
Level 1 General Support - promoting independence - enabling rather than doing
Assistance vs. administration. Compliance aids that are available (other than monitored dosage systems) that may help clients to self administer in part or in full.
Level 2 - Administration 
Including the checks needed and the '5 Rights'
Level 3 - Administration by specialised techniques
When and how this can happen and what additional training is needed.

Compliance aids
Here we look at monitored dosage systems - which are authorised and how they should be presented by pharmacy in order to be authorised. Which are not and why? Who should pay for compliance aids - Disability Discrimination Act Assessment

Child service users - this section is added when appropriate to the service being trained.

Record Keeping in Care - Accurate and appropriate record keeping at the time and examples including exercises in ordering and receiving medication on behalf of a client or home.
Medication Administration Records in care
Who is responsible for the MAR, who can put information on to it and make changes?
What information should be recorded and how
An exercise in completing MAR's

What is a medicine?
Legal categories of medicines

General Sales List
Pharmacy Medicines
Prescription only medicines 
Sale vs. prescription
Who can prescribe?

How do medicines work?
Names of medicines

Why do medicines have so many names? Why are they so long and complicated?
Generic vs. Brand names
Quality vs. cost

Formulations and routes of administration
What is meant by formulation?
Exercise to identify different types of formulations
Routes of administration
Groups of medicines e.g. antihistamines, antipsychotics, antibiotics etc.

Administration (or the prompting of) of different formulations
How to safely administer:-
Tablets and capsules
Eye drops, ear drops, nose drops
Creams and ointments
Suppositories and pessaries
Wearing gloves, hygiene, safety checks etc.

Dosage instructions
Common dose instructions exercise to give clarity to what the instructions actually mean and why people interpret them in different ways.

Controlled drugs
What is a controlled drug?
Amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Regs due to the Shipman Enquiry
Record keeping
Ordering and receiving CD's

Confidentiality and consent
Consent before care is given i.e. at care needs assessment or review
Consent at the time of administration
Refusal of medicines
Consent and Covert administration

Side effects and adverse reactions to medicines
Common side effects
Why side effects happen
What to do if you suspect a client is suffering from a side effect.

Pharmacy services that support the care worker
Medicines Use Reviews,
DDA Assessment
Monitored dosage systems
Formulations of medicines

Safe storage and disposal of unwanted medicines
Safe storage at home, in a care home, stock rotation, shelf lives
Safe disposal and record keeping

The course is accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice and delegates will receive certificates that reflect this accreditation. They also receive a booklet containing handouts, exercises, a quiz and an evaluation form. A work-based competency assessment document can be provided if you do not already have your own.

The course is delivered by an expert in medicines in social care and in a way that is engaging, interactive, interesting and enjoyable using accelerated learning techniques and catering for all learning style preferences

Cost per delegate = £70 
In-house training – a min of 10 delegates or equivalent cost (£700) plus travel to your venue. 
For large organisations a session rate is available which is more cost effective and gives flexibility in numbers attending.

To find out more and to book sessions for your team click here or Call Momentum People on 0330 100 2821 or email


 previous delegates have said....


"A fun, informative way of becoming competent and confident in medication administration!" Megan Sheasby, Staffordshire County Council, Jan 18 

"It was very informative and very relevant, I now feel confident in administering medication. I also loved how interactive the course was as it kept it interesting" Rowen Wort, Staffordshire County Council, Jan 18 

"This course has been very interesting and has given me a lot of knowledge about medication which you take for granted" Christina Payne, Staffordshire County Council, Jan 18 

"I found the trainer to be very motivated and delivered a good, in-depth course. My knowledge has been enhanced" Teresa Engul, Staffordshire County Council, Jan 18 

"The course was very informative and gives a new light into how medication should be administered" Matt Smith, Staffordshire County Council, Jan 18 

"This has updated my knowledge for doing my medication and reminded me to look into things more, double check and record everything" Jodie Cole, Bay Tree Court, Jan 18 

"Very fun but informative course, easy to understand what is being said" Steven Clark, Bay Tree Court, Jan 18 

"The trainer is very friendly, keeps the course interesting, very helpful with questions" Nikki Green, Bay Tree Court, Jan 18 

"I thoroughly recommend this course to any carer, very informative, visual and fun. Was an update but essential, we can always learn something new about medication as the rules and regulations can change and medication names can change as well" Elizabeth Pollock, Crossroads Care, Dec 17 

"This course is very informative for carers working in the community, when working alone sometimes you doubt your decisions and worry about medication, this has reassured me" Helen Cox, Crossroads Care, Dec 17

"Makes you aware of your responsibilities, correct ways and importance of having knowledge about medication" Jan Browne, Crossroads Care, Dec 17

"I found this course very useful for information about drugs and their usage. It covered areas previously not covered in past medication courses which mainly addressed administration and record keeping of drugs and would recommend it to other care workers as very useful" Ruth Hasler, Crossroads Care, Dec 17 

"Very informative, relaxed, fun course. Lots of information explained on a level of understanding I understood" Margaret Bowyer, Staffordshire County Council, Nov 17 

"Excellent delivery of course at a good pace enabling understanding. I would highly recommend the training, it is complete in all content" June Stanton, Queensbridge Care, Nov 17

"Training day was interesting, fun and very helpful. Plenty of chance to ask questions and brilliant answers" Naomi Gardner, Queensbridge Care, Nov 17

"A very knowledgeable tutor who answered all queries. Made learning fun and enjoyable, TeeJay is excellent at what she does" Lisa Stanton, Queensbridge Care, Nov 17

"A very rewarding and useful course, plenty of information and interactivity to help aid the training and promote better knowledge" Charlotte Flynn Walker, Queensbridge Care, Nov 17

"Have been on many meds courses, first time it has been delivered in this way. Able to ingest information in a fun way and in a way I will remember" Michael Dhesi, Burton Complex Needs, Oct 17 

"I found the course very informative and interesting, the trainer made the course relaxed and friendly. Very good day" Steven Wright, Douglas Road, Oct 17

"The trainer was excellent and delivered the course very well. The course was very informative and covered everything I need to know in my job role when administering medication" Lynn Norman, Douglas Road, Oct 17

"The course has been very interesting giving lots of clarity on some grey areas e.g. advice from GP's versus Pharmacists and covert medication" Karen Lowndes, Stafford Complex Needs, Oct 17 

"Excellent delivery and brilliant scenarios to evidence the importance of medication competency training" Deborah Brackstone, Stafford Complex Needs, Oct 17 

"Excellent training course that was kept fun and interesting. Plenty of interaction and group/practical work to test people. I have come away with new knowledge despite having had the training course before. TeeJay answered questions we had regarding current situations which was very helpful" Kelly Trott, Priors Court, Sep 17 

"Very informative and friendly teaching style. Everything explained well and if extra explanation needed always given. Was never made to feel like a stupid question was asked" Bryony Ralph, Priors Court, Sept 17

"The tutor TeeJay was brilliant and made the course extremely informative but also very fun. I feel as though I learnt a lot" Kirsty Hardy-Ainger, Staffordshire County Council, Sept 17 

"Lively, good learning format. Given plenty of time to spend on group tasks" Jo Curtis, Staffordshire County Council, Sept 17 

"TeeJay is informative and relatable, she has a large knowledge on medical law. She will answer all questions with easy understandable answers" Gina Durrant, White Horse Care Trust, Sept 17 

"TeeJay is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable trainer with good anecdotal evidence to back up the theory" Andrew Prowse, White Horse Care Trust, Sept 17 

"I would highly recommend this course. It was delivered in a clear and concise way. The exercises were great so had no lapses in concentration and no moments of boredom" Liz Hartley, White Horse Care Trust, Sept 17 

"Enjoyable and informative course with the ability to ask questions without feeling silly, thank you" Tina Manson, White Horse Care Trust, Sept 17 

"It was very informative and the knowledge I have gained will be very useful in my role. I am now more aware of what the consequences are when not paying attention. A very good course" Jess Lee, Staffordshire County Council, Sept 17 

"The course throughout was delivered with obvious knowledge and passion. Information was delivered with clarity as well as answering of questions, very professional delivery, kept interesting all day, thank you!" Karen Tyer, Staffordshire County Council, Aug 17 

"Attending this course empowered me and gave me confidence to address issues. The trainer was very approachable and enthusiastic about the subject and delivered a very professional course" Jill Foster, Staffordshire County Council, Aug 17

"This is a course full of useful information, can be used as a refresher or practitioners learning meds management for the first time. The learning is interactive so participate - it's more fun! Do not worry about getting the wrong answer - TeeJay is supportive and this is the way you learn. Make your mistakes here and not in clinical practice". Julie Smith, Priory Group, July 17

"A good training course that has helped me refresh my knowledge and also illuminate any doubts I may have in regards to drug management. The course has been very informative and the trainer is very knowledgeable and has given enough time to address the issues and also for discussion". Luis Lubanzu, Priory Group, July 17  

"TeeJay was taking her time teaching us about all aspects of the safe use of medicines. She did it with great enthusiasm which made having to come to training sessions on a Sunday a pleasure! Thank you for broadening my knowledge about medication!" Anastasia Hommes, Acquire Care, July 17 

"The course has been useful to refresh my knowledge and to prompt improvements to my own practice and within the services I manage". Kathryn Little, Staffordshire County Council, July 17

"It is very interesting and easily understood, lots of group discussions. TeeJay was very bubbly and interesting". Sue Beadie, Staffordshire County Council, July 17

"Extremely beneficial in terms of good practice, legislation and raising awareness of how we can improve our own practices. I have come away from this training with a clear action plan". Louise Molineux, Staffordshire County Council, July 17

"I would highly recommend this course as it was very useful. I learnt a lot, it was well delivered, great organisation" Melwyn Menezes, White Horse Care Trust, May 17

"Really excellent training. TeeJay was brilliant and made it fun and relatable. The best medication training I have done in my 5 years of doing my role as a support worker. I will feel confident going forward" Justine Aplin, White Horse Care Trust, May 17

"TeeJay used real life incidents to talk about problems that have happened purely by not paying full attention. This put things clearer and made me think to check and double check" Alona Clark, White Horse Care Trust, May 17

"Training session was interesting, trainer has excellent knowledge around what was being delivered" Haley Godding, White Horse Care Trust, May 17

"Make sure you come prepared and the trainer will cover what you need to learn" Jo Heath, SCC, May 17

"Very interesting course, makes you realise the potential dangers that can easily be taken for granted" Emily Hardy, Short Break Disability Foster Care, May 17

"The course was tailored to what we said we required and kept relevant and engaging" Helen Meakin, Families First, May 17

"The course is well delivered, very informative, very useful and interesting" Yasmin Benn, May 17

"This is highly professional and valuable for those who are looking after patients and administering medication. Up to the point, very useful content. Thank you very much!" Marina Pashkovskaya, May 17

"A very useful course for anyone who needs to support other with administration of medicines as covers everything. TeeJay's delivery is very interesting and I was wide awake and listening all day, many thanks!" Sarah Stoner, Priors Court, May 17

"Really appreciated TeeJay putting us at ease right from the beginning and encouraging us to ask questions as and when we wanted to. Time passed really quickly, was afraid I might feel bored but there was never a dull moment. Everything was very useful" Jayne Pearson, Crossroads Care, Apr 17

"The course is very informative, the presentation is excellent and interactive" J Mills, Crossroads Care, Apr 17

"I thought the training course was brilliant and very informative. I learnt a lot today about medication labels and a lot about the safety checks involved in the administration of medicine. Presented well and trainer was excellent" Ian Kennedy, Priors Court, Apr 17

"This was a really well delivered course that is a bit of an eye-opener to the possible consequences of making an error. This course it helpful in guiding you to confidently administer drugs the correct way safely" R Park-Barnard, Priors Court, Apr 17

"Really useful and informative - helps safeguard yourselves and your service users. 5 rights = 0 wrong!" Jo Darch, Priors Court, Apr 17

"TeeJay made it a fun and interactive day, it was informative but not overwhelming. I recommend this course to other care professionals" B West, Priors Court, Apr 17

"TeeJay was very knowledgeable and thorough. She was very interested in making sure we had fun and learned things relevant to our site" Ashley Hegenbarth, Bay Tree Court, Mar 17

"I really enjoyed this training session, it was presented well and clear, we had fun doing the exercises" Jayne Hill, Bay Tree Court, Mar 17

"TeeJay kept the training entertaining throughout the day and not death by PowerPoint. I would encourage all my colleagues to book onto this course as an annual update. Thank you TeeJay!" - Andrea Tuite, Rdash, Feb 17

"Well delivered and covers a broad area, room for questions and discussion. Anecdotes and background are relevant, provides a good refreshment of knowledge and a lot to take away and reflect on" - Deborah Key, SELF, Feb 17

"A thoroughly informative and enjoyable day, good to interact with others on the course and share experiences. All facilitated by an excellent trainer" - Helen Street, HCS Consultancy, Feb 17

"Always nice to have a refresher on how to use meds and keep students safe. TeeJay is an amazing trainer and makes it fun" - Samantha Wylde, Priors Court School, Feb 17

"It was very interesting, TeeJay was very good and very helpful. Very good way of explaining things" - Jan Smith, White Horse Care Trust, Feb 17

"TeeJay was very good, a very positive person who answered all of our questions. Very much enjoyed" - David Twine, White Horse Care Trust, Feb 17

"It was very well explained and all questions answered well" - Julie Newman, White Horse Care Trust, Feb 17

"Informative, relates to all practice. TeeJay is knowledgeable - knows legislation relating to meds so can give immediate answers to questions or queries" - Theresa Taplin, White Horse Care Trust, Feb 17  

"Covers lots of things. I have been on many courses for meds, but this one covered more and did it well" - Janet Slade, White Horse Care Trust, Feb 17

"The course is extremely insightful and opens your eyes about medical management and waste" - Kerry Perry, Adderley Green Care Home, Aug 16

"Very interesting, in depth explanations of cream and medications and what they are used for" - Sharon Taylor, Adderley Green Care Home, Aug 16

"Very informative and professional" - Carol Williams, Adderley Green Care Home, Aug 16

"I would recommend this course to others as it was very informative" - Tina Perkin, Adderley Green Care Home, Aug 16

I would encourage carers to take the course to give them knowledge" - Julie Keates, Adderley Green Care Home, Aug 16

"Very interesting and in depth course" - Mark Meredith, Adderley Green Care Home, Aug 16

'This course was excellent, educational and fun! Thank you - Ann Twyford, Beech hill Grange, Jan 16

"It was excellent. Has helped me to learn more about medication, especially controlled drugs." Sharon Crew, Langwith Lodge, Jan 16

"The best meds course I have ever been on!" - Maureen Greenhough, Rebecca Homes Ltd. Dec 15

"I enjoyed the course, found it informative, easy to understand and all done within avery friendly environment" John Kilkenny, Rebecca Homes Ltd. Dec 15

"Thank you for all the new knowledge, it really opened my eyes! I enjoyed the workshop, good interactions with TeeJay and the rest of the group - will come again!" Lucy Thomas Sept 15

"Very good, full of loads of information that you may never have heard of. Lots of good tips. Really good at teaching important stuff but fun and not boring.Made me realise how important pharmacists are and will help me in many ways" Abbie Stone, Aug 15

"The most informative, interesting and interactive medication handling course I have ever been on. I have learned so much today which will be invaluable to me not only in my work as a carer but also at home. Thank you delivering it with such enthusiasm and energy. I now feel confident to return to care work and handle medication carefully and competently." Alex Moss, Aug 15