Competency Assessor Training - Medication Administration

So you are training your team to administer medication safely and you are observing them in the work place and signing them off as competent BUT who is training the people who are assessing the competencies? How are you demonstrating to the CQC or OFSTED that your assessors are competent to assess?

This training specifically addresses that challenge for you, providing you with evidence that you have invested in giving your assessors additional training to ensure that they are looking for the right things and asking the right questions of their team. 

Course Contents:-

This 2 day training workshop assesses current knowledge and practical administration experience to ensure everyone has the foundation expertise and then builds on that to empower assessors toe be confident and competent to asses the knowledge and skills of their team. 

* Back to Basics - A little revision to ensure everyone is sure of the foundation knowledge

* Dig Deeper - Exercises to look in depth in to the NICE Guidance, Fundamental Standards and more!

* Roles and Responsibilities

* Errors and Near Misses and reducing them!

* Questions for inquisitive Assessors!

* Practical Exercises and Assessing of delegates

An information-packed, resource filled, fun and interactive training delivered in-house for your organisation. Certificates with be provided to evidence delegates have attended and completed the assessments. 

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What previous delegates have said...

"Serious and important subject that could affect any of us - but made fun, learned a lot". Anne Townley, Beaumont College, Feb 17

"I found the course both informative and interesting and feel this will definitely help me in my future work". Gayle Meeks, Beaumont College, Feb 17

"The course is very interesting and covers a lot of aspects. It uses a lot if different teaching methods and made what could have been a 'difficult day' more interesting". Josie Smith, Beaumont College, Feb 17

"Was great training, helped expand knowledge and made me feel more confident". Emma Hyde, Beaumont College, Feb 17

"TeeJay is enthusiastic about the subject and very knowledgeable. She presents the course well in an understanding way and is fun with it". Debbie Jones, Crossroads Care, Nov 16

"Have enjoyed the training - good refresher. Approachable and engaging trainer". Rachel Weaving, Crossroads Care, Nov 16

"This is a very useful course and good to attend" - Sanu Karki, St. Vincent's Nursing Home, Sept 16

"The course is very informative. Delivery is excellent, knowledge is excellent, everyone feels involved and competent" - Shiria Halsey, St. Vincent's Care Home, Sept 16

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