Medication Training for Nurses - Accredited 

Royal College of Nursing and NMC Approved

It’s interesting to note that statistically there is no difference in the number of medication errors made in nursing homes vs residential homes and yet surely you would expect it to be significantly lower in our nursing homes?

Often within the care environment it is our nursing staff who miss out on the training and refresher training that they so much need in order to stay up to date in their practice because the assumption is that our nurses don’t need training as they are nurses! In reality they too still need to be refreshed in the basics and to have the opportunity to receive continuing professional development within their roles in our care homes.

This course provides both a sound update for their knowledge and practice and additional information that they can add to their CPD portfolio and use to raise the standards of the care provided even more and is accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice.

The contents of this course are:-

·         Legislation and guidance

·         Dispensing vs Administration

·         Compliance aids to promote independence

·         Monitored dosage systems

·         Self administration

·         Homely remedies

·         Consent for medication

·         Secondary dispensing

·         Covert administration

·         Storage and expiry dates

·         Controlled drugs

·         Storage of medicines

·         Disposing of medication

·         Ordering and receiving of medication

·         Medication errors

·         The 5 rights

·         Error reporting

·         Record keeping

·         Names of medicines

·         Strengths of medicines

·         Formulation

·         Administration techniques 

·         Dose instruction

·         Side effects and adverse reactions

·         Medicines use reviews


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Next Open Courses for individual nurses looking to refresh or get back in to work are:-


7th December  2018 - Stoke on Trent 

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9am to 5pm

£90 per person - tea/coffee and biscuits and lunch included. Fully accredited and RCN and NMC approved. certificates awarded on the day.

or call

  0330 100 2821

           or email


"Good informal learning able to ask questions and get them answered without feeling like you should have known that, thank you TeeJay" Tina Manson, White Horse Care Trust, Oct 2019 

"Interesting, informative course, trainer very professional and knowledgeable. Delivered at the right pace with appropriate information for the group's own knowledge of the job role" Gillian Cole, White Horse Care Trust, Oct 2019

"Thought provoking exercises, particularly the card reading exercise in a few seconds, how many F's there were written down, nobody in the group got it right!" Lin Hiscock, White Horse Care Trust, Oct 2019

'Excellent study day. answered a lot of questions. Good update. Many new topics discussed re: medication and reassured on dealing with controlled drugs in person's own home.  Many thanks - Erin Brown July 2018

'Training was informative and made fun. TeeJay was very helpful and knowledgable' - Neil Hendy July 2018

'Fun learning styles used. TeeJay is a joy to spend time with and very knowledgable.' Laura Allen, N-Able Services May 18

'This course has helped every aspect of my work in both areas of PA work and college. Lots of really useful information taken away, every question answered. Will keep us doing things properly and safely'. Hannah Boast, Wolverhampton May 18

'TeeJay kept my attention throughout the day. It was evident that she has a passion for all areas of social care not just medication. I left the training keen to find out more about the other training and teachings that TeeJay offers. I now feel confident to update my systems and policies to reflect outstanding practice. Amazing trainer - would definitely recommend" - Samantha Berrisford, Hopedale House, May 2018

'A very enjoyable informative day. Learned new information and feel confident in the safe use of medicnes - thank you' - Anne Horner, June 2016

'The presentation was delivered apporpirately and was made interesting. Lots of opportunity to engage and interact which promoted understanding and learning.' - Margaret Finch June 2016

'As a nurse of many years experience in health and social care it is good to know that I can still learn new things. Excellent day.' Belinda Wolfendale, June 2016

'I have taken a lot of knowlewdge from this course and will look forward to my refresher' Noam McKenzie, May 2016

'A very informative day with lots of opportunity to explore issues and ask questions. Much better informed now I have attended! Thanks' Lynn Jones, May 2016

"I am so glad I came on this course. teeJay has so many qualities that enable you to digest the content of medicines management in a way that leaves an impact on you so you will never forget - Highly recommended!" Jan Robinson.

'Excellent, Educational and Fun! - Thank you." Ann Twyford #, Beech Hill Grange Nursing Home

"definitely recommended. Makes you more conscious of what you are doing and how improtant it is to be aware and the implications/risks of mistakes that can be reduced." Jemma Walker, Hollow Oak NH, November 2015

"Great knowledge base re:pharmacy giving the whole process more Clarity." Donna Fleming, Hollow Oak NH November 2015

" The course is clear and detailed and delivered in an understatable way. 'Real life' stories and scenarios helped to cement the theory" Kathryn Lally, July 15

 'An excellent insight into the legislation and regulation of medicines. Course delivery, training materials, case studies and real life stories help put what is taught in  to context. Definitely given me lots to think about and take back to our organisation' Natalie Dawes, September 2015

'Very interesting day. Good information delivered in an accessible format by a knowledgable practitioner. Good learning materials and aids used. Examples given were close to real practice.' Clodagh Roche, June 15

'This course was exptemely informative and covered the journey of a medication from prescribing right through to administration. exceeded expectations and updated on medicines management.' Amanda Anderson, June 15

 'The Safe Use of Medication course has been immensley helpful to me. I have learned a great deal and identified gaps in my knowledge from the course. The practical elements of the course were particulalarly relevant as this was a requirement for me and was difficult to find with other companies. I believe this also helped other delegates in the class too. The content of the course is well thought out and brilliantly presented. The content is relevant to nursing and encourages interacting and discussion among the group.' James Lingard, June 15

'Would like to send all our nurses on this course and to do an annual review for myself!  thank you' Andy Charlesworth June 15

'The information given was very clean, concise and interesting. It reminded me of some basic things/checks that are taken for granted and just how easy it is to become complacent. I also found a few things I will be implementing when I go back to Leicester' Rida Daniel, June 2015

'It's been really helpful. A great refresher and really brought home the importance of medicines mangement and how to ensure best practice for you and your patients.' Roxane Bedford, May 2015

'I enjoyed the course and got more from it than I expected. I learned a lot of new things that I wasn't aware of. The session was both interactive amd informative and I definitely recommend it!' - Margret Desousa May 2015

'I would highly recommend this course. It kept me interested by being interactive and informative' Rosaline White, Maryville care Home, Brentford March 2015

'Very interesting and stimulating. Most enjoyable, very informative and engaging . We all participated and stayed present the whole day' Lynette Samura, Maryville Care Home, Brentford march 2015

'Ver good training, I can use it in my role as staff nurse and my ideas about medication have been updated and I can now avoid mistakes so much better' Susan Sanchez, Maryville Care Home, Brentford March 2015

"Very thorough, friendly and relaxed and easy to understand" Joycelia Green, Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, Janueary 2015

"Very Useful and has broadened my knowledge in my work setting" Frederica Beckford-Reid, Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health

"A very helpful and informative day"  Diana Baraowski, Nurse Manager, Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health

"This training had many examples, exercises and experiences that are useful to your practice as a nurse" Mirela Leon July 2014

"Highly suitable for all staff whether qualified or not. It highlights how easy it is to make mistakes and helps you to put strategies in place to minimise these risks." William Warr July 2014

"We had lots of discussion about different information with regard to medicines management. The course covers different care settings that nurses may work in  and the management of medicines in all of these." Hannah Williams July 2014

"This course has made me to be very aware of checking the 5 Rights and how important documentation is" Khethwe Moyo July 2014

"This course met the criteria I was expecting from a management point of view. Legal issues were covered and the exercise on recognising errors on a MAR chart was very good. I felt that it showed the staff how hard it can be to see errors that have happened before their current administration occurs."  Val Campbell, St Vincents Nursing Home

"TeeJay is passionate as well as knowledgeable. The course is delivered in such a way that you feel comfortable to ask anything without fear. responses to questions were sensible, well thought out and appreciative of the environment that we work in" Gill Fox, St Vincents Nursing Home

"I would definitely recommend that my colleagues attend this course where possible. The trainer was very pleasant, efficient and approachable. I learned a lot of important information from this session." Sanu Larki, St Vincents Nursing Home

"The training in this course has been very good. The trainer covered a vast topic regarding administration of medication, updates, disposal, covert administration and consent. I can say that attending this training course was beneficial to my professional knowledge and growth as a nurse. I would highly recommend others to attend this course too" Amelia Fajardo, St Vincents Nursing Home




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