Medicines Management for Care Workers - eCourse

This fully accredited eCourse in Medicines Management for Care Workers brings you the best in Medicines Training on the market for you to compete in the comfort of your home or workplace. Astonishing in both it's content and it's value it allows large organisations to have an additional training option, smaller companies to have flexibility in their training options and individuals to access training of a high quality to give themselves the advantage in the workforce market place.

Presented in four modules delivered to your inbox all you have to do is read through the modules, compete the accompanying workbook and return it for assessment and final accreditation. We will send you feedback every step of the way and reward you with your certificate of accreditation at the successful completion of the course.

What you will cover:-

Module 1 - Understanding Medicines

  • Introduction
  • What is a Medicine?
  • How do medicines work?
  • Routes of Administration
  • Formulation
  • Legal Categories of Medicines
  • Dosage and Strength of Medicines
  • Names of Medicines
  • Medicine Labels

Module 2 - Policy, Record Keeping and Stock Control

  • Medication Policy
  • The Law and Handling Medicines
  • Levels of Care for Adult Service Users
  • Ordering Prescriptions
  • Receiving Prescriptions
  • Changes to doses or to labels.
  • Controlled Drugs
  • Homely Remedies or Over the Counter Remedies
  • Storage
  • Stock Control and Rotation
  • Disposal of Unwanted Medication

Module 3 - Medicines Administration

  • Supporting clients with medicines
  • Promoting independence
  • Protecting and promoting client’s rights
  • Confidentiality and consent
  • Assisting administration
  • checking procedures
  • Medicines Administration Records
  • Monitored Dosage Systems
  • Self administration
  • Errors
  • Monitoring

Module 4 - What Are Medicines Used For?

  • What are Medicines Used for?
  • Side Effects and Adverse Reactions
  • Administration of Tablets and Capsules
  • Administration of Liquid Preparations
  • Administration of Eye Preparations
  • Administration of Patches
  • Administration of Creams and Ointments
  • Administration of Inhalers

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