Manage Your Time, Team and Tantrums

Effective Management Skills for Managers and Business Owners


What are the Top 3 Challenges that all Managers and Business Owners face on a day to day basis?


  1. Not enough time! - there are just too few hours in the day to get it all done

  2. Managing the team

  3. Dealing with difficult behaviours - some people just seem to want to be awkward or throw a tantrum!

Does that ring true for you? I can certainly empathise with that from my days back in large corporate buisness managing many teams, juggling priorities and dealing with challenges. Wow! if only I knew then what I know now - my life and my days would have been SO different!

So - would it be of value to you to learn any or all of the following?

  •  Develop the skills to manage and lead your team more effectively

  •  How to have your team members come to you with solutions rather than problems

  •  Learn strategies to create more time in your day to devote to the non-urgent but very important things that constantly get side lined

  •  Get rid of the To Do list that seems never ending and replace it with a far more exciting and compelling way to get things done

  •  Be empowered to deal with challenging behaviours in an effective non-confrontational way

  •  Discover processes that set your day up to Win - every day

  •  Know how to shift the culture to one of possibility and positivity

  •  End every day knowing that you did a job well done and made a difference

If you answered Yes to one...or maybe more...of those above then this course is definitely for you.

So why spend any more time fighting fires instead of igniting inspiration?......Isn't it time that you created more time?.....reduced stress and made all things possible again??

This is an In-house course run at your business or venue of choice as a 1-day event OR in much more in-depth 3 day event to really get the most from the new skills, learning  and application of the processes. There is also the option of additional support in the place fo work to ensure that skills are transferred from the training course in to the work place to really make sure that it's making a difference in your department and your business.

Our courses are interactice, dynamic and most of all ENJOYABLE so that delegates get the most from the sessions and take and use what they have learned immediately.

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