Medicines Management in Children's Services

Accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice this full day work shop is designed to deliver a more in depth session in medicines management and can be tailored to be delivered specifically to your particular service. This course will be assessed and all delegates will receive handouts and a certificate at the end of the course.

It covers the following areas:-

CQC Professional Advice on the Administration of Medicines
Legislation and Guidance
for Child Service Users
3 Levels of support
Level 1 General Support - Assistance.
Level 2 - Administration
Including the checks needed and the '5 Rights'
Level 3 - Administration by specialised techniques
When and how this can happen and what additional training is needed.

Compliance aids
Here we look at monitored dosage systems - which are authorised and how they should be presented by pharmacy in order to be authorised. Which are not and why? Who should pay for compliance aids - Equality Act Assessment

Record Keeping in Care - Accurate and appropriate record keeping at the time and examples including exercises in ordering and receiving medication on behalf of a client or home.
Medication Administration Records in care
Who is responsible for the MAR, who can put information on to it and make changes?
What information should be recorded and how
An exercise in completing MAR's

What is a medicine?
Legal categories of medicines

How do medicines work?
Names of medicines

Why do medicines have so many names? Why are they so long and complicated?
Generic vs. Brand names
Quality vs. cost

Formulations and routes of administration
What is meant by formulation?
Exercise to identify different types of formulations
Routes of administration
Groups of medicines e.g. antihistamines, antipsychotics, antibiotics etc.

Administration (or the prompting of) of different formulations
How to safely administer:-
Tablets and capsules
Eye drops, ear drops, nose drops
Creams and ointments
Suppositories and pessaries
Wearing gloves, hygiene, safety checks etc.

Dosage instructions
Common dose instructions exercise to give clarity to what the instructions actually mean and why people interpret them in different ways.

Controlled drugs
What is a controlled drug?
Amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Regs due to the Shipman Enquiry
Record keeping
Ordering and receiving CD's

Confidentiality and consent with regards to Children and Young People

Side effects and adverse reactions to medicines
Common side effects
Why side effects happen
What to do if you suspect a client is suffering from a side effect.

Pharmacy services that support the care worker

Safe storage and disposal of unwanted medicines
Safe storage at home, in a care home, stock rotation, shelf lives
Safe disposal and record keeping

The course is accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice and delegates will receive certificates that reflect this accreditation. They also receive a booklet containing handouts, exercises, a quiz and an evaluation form. A work-based competency assessment document can be provided if you do not already have your own.

The course is delivered by an expert in medicines in social care and in a way that is engaging, interactive, interesting and enjoyable using accelerated learning techniques and catering for all learning style preferences

Cost per delegate = £70 
In-house training – a min of 10 delegates or equivalent cost (£700) plus travel to your venue.
For large organisations a session rate is available which is more cost effective and gives flexibility in numbers attending.

To find out more and to book sessions for your team click here or Call Momentum People on 0330 100 2821 or email


'This course was very informative and useful to reflect in  my own workplace and progress my role. The tutor was very inclusive and very approachable, knowledgable and engaging! Using stories and scenarios to relate to the course which was useful. Tutor passionate about the course!' Jenny Podmore, The Alsders, June 16

'Very good and useful course. The trainer delivered the course very well and I would recommend that everyone attends this!' Zou Mohammed, The Alders

"An Interesting and well presented medication training day. the trainerwas funny, very knowledgable and encouraged the group to participate and stay focused" - Kim Billington, Cannock Resource Centre

"It was a good training due to the trainer being so knowledgable and experienced. It was upbeat, never boring and easy to follow. One of the best medication training I've ever received :-) " Michelle Brindley, Cannock Resource Centre

"I feel that this course would be beneficial to new approved carers for them to be aware and have the knowledge and be trained by a professional not hear say. Thank you TeeJay" Jo Stewart, Foster Carer

"An invaluable training for all foster carers - it should be a core training alongside first aid." Sharon Parsons Staffs CC

"A very informative, useful course with just the right amount of true stories to make you appreciate that the safe use of medicines is so important" Ricard Nowell, Shaping Futures 

"An excellent course that makes you think about doing the best for service users but also keeping yourself safe when involved with medicines and service users." Vicky Smith, Social Worker

"The training session does give a clearer message of safe use of medicines and why do we always need to be careful and concentrating when administering medicine." Vasileios Tiliakos, Shaping Futures

'As a nurse of 28 years who is now a foster carer I found the application of this course really useful. Issues I had not identified such as secondary dispensing offered a good opportunity for discussion.' Kate James, Family Link

'Refresher course for me! TeeJay has not lost her energy and enthusiasm for this subject. The course was energetic, informative and interesting. TeeJay bought fun and humour to this important area of safe use of medicines. This was all well balanced with real life scenarios.' Janice Price, Family Link

'I found this course very helpful, informative and useful to my role. The trainer was highly outstanding, I really enjoyed the course and am going away with confidence and knowledge which is so helpful in my role at the workplace - thank you' Christine Hart, Family Link

'Informative and interactive way of learning. Lots of information was delivered in a interesting manner that allowed for additional discussion. Good pace.' Leanne Franklin, Hawthornes, Burton-on-Trent

Would highly recommend this course, it was very enjoyable, no jargon and very understandable.  TeeJay delivers an excelent course, all her approaches are understandable and relevant to my role - Thank you' Cheryl Middleton, Hawthornes, Burton-on-Trent

'I would recommend this course to anyone who is working within any care setting. Very informative and good knowledge base having been in most settings. Encourages questions and will give answers. Excellent TeeJay'-  B.Stott, Hawthornes, Burton-on-Trent

"Extremely informative course, has been easy to ask any questions. The course flowed well, integrating practical exercies along wiht information given and we heard the experiences of others." Emma Whittle, Cannock Resource Centre

TeeJay is a very good trainer. she is funny and knows a lot of interesting stories related to the training which make it really easy to relate to our roles. I expected to be a little bored, how much was I wrong!? Thank you, it was very helpful and knowledgable training." Ania Smithom, Cannock Resource Centre

"The information was delivered at  a good  pace, made fun, but very relevent to our role. The trainer's knowledge is excellent and we have learned new information today. I most definitely recommend!" Sandra Hayes, Cannock Resource Centre.

"Great course, very well presented. Felt I learned alot." Sharon Chetwynd, Foster Carer

"Very good course. Has given me loads of confidence where medication is needed" Linda Auty, Foster carer

"The course cannot fail to enhance your education on medication administration" - Martin Turnock, Childrens Services Staffordshire

"The training was extremely well presented, informative and interesting. TeeJay's presentation was energetic and engaging" - Janice Price, Family Link

"A must for any care/support worker working with young people. it's better to be safe and practice safely" - Mark Guest, Staffs County Council

"A useful update. A full day with plenty of content and topics covered. Good tailoring to individual care settings and problems" Sue Smith, Family Link

"If you think you know it all as far as medication is concerned - then attend this course!" Mohammed Inbrahim, Priors Court School, Newbury

"I really think the course was really great because it highlighted many things that people do  and think are ok as it's the norm when actually they are wrong!" The trainer was brilliat - I learned so much!" Edward Githinji, Priors Court School, Newbury

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