Medication Audit & Pre-Inspection Service


Our Medication Audit Service is designed to give you peace of mind
• When setting up a new service
• When raising the standards already in place
• When a CQC inspection visit is imminent 
• When errors have unfortunately occurred and standards need to be reviewed

In today’s busy world of care it is easy to fall behind with changes in guidance and legislation or to keep track of compliance in every aspect of your service. That’s why our audit serve is so valuable in such an important area of care. 
We support your service to ensure medication handling in your particular care environment is fully compliant ahead of regular inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), or is quickly brought into line with any recommendations arising.

In fact, the last care home that we supported were on their third and final warning from the CQC and an inspection visit was pending. With the help of our visit, advice and record keeping systems they were able to demonstrate to the inspector that they had not only taken independent expert advice but had already implemented robust systems to keep everyone safe and record medication management effectively. They passed their final inspection with flying colours.

You will be visited by a friendly, knowledgeable expert in medicines in Social Care. A qualified pharmacist will conduct a thorough review in all of the following areas to ensure that you meet the requirements both legally and ethically:-

• A thorough check of all Medicines Administration Records to ensure that they are being completed correctly by all staff
• A labelling audit to ensure that all medicines are labelled correctly
• Medication policies to ensure that they cover all aspects of medicines management
• Storage of medicines
• Controlled Drugs
• Self administration
• Observation of a medication round
• Record keeping
• Error Reporting
• Risk assessment
• Medication Training and competency assessment

A detailed report of what you do really well and a checklist of how to make improvements will be provided along with examples of any suggested additional record keeping documents or policies.

A Half Day visit to complete the audit per home, or unit if registered for more than one service costs just £550 plus travel and includes not just the valuable pharmacist visit but also the detailed report, advice given, paperwork resources provided and continued support from our team for information and advice on an on-going basis.

For further information about this important, valuable, essential and confidential service call us now on 0330 100 2821 or email


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