Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Unfortunately, Life doesn’t come with a manual and many of us easily get off track without realising until it feels too late to do anything about it and one day we wake up wondering how we got here!

In the last few years it seems that in many health and social care settings and roles there has been constant change, uncertainty, and cuts. For many people the hours of service and business have changed OR the role itself has changed as technology has been introduced, now standards enforced, new job descriptions and expectations. This can be an exciting and adventurous time if you are ambitious or like to move on to new roles and experiences AND it can be stressful, uncertain and unsettling if that is not what you wanted or expected from your career.

Could this be you?.......

  • Going through life or maybe your work life wondering “Is this it? Surely there has to be more?”
  • Are you tired of being tired? Fed up of being fed up? Need to feel some EXCITEMENT, ENERGY, PASSION and PURPOSE in your life or work again??
  • Your hours have been cut or you're expected to do the work of several people in the same hours as you had originally but with even higher targets, expectations and challenges and or/fewer colleagues and team members around you.
  • Do you feel that you’re stuck in a rut, trapped by circumstances in the workplace?
  • Are you emotionally numb? Stopped feeling so you wouldn’t feel bad….but lost the ability to feel good in the process?
  • Lacking vision and direction in your work or career?

OR Maybe this is you?.......

  • Keen to climb the career ladder faster
  • Want someone to cheer you on, pat you on the back, challenge you and hold you accountable as you work toward your goals?
  • Want to change roles but unsure of what kind of role you'll be happiest in?
  • Looking to enhance your communication and coaching skills in your workplace to be more effective
  • Need support with effective strategies and structure

Like many others you've probably done lots of continuing professional development (CPD),  read loads of books on leaderships and self improvement, listened to programs on Cd's, maybe even gone to some seminars or workshops that have provided you with a large number of tools and techniques to help you make the changes you're looking for and yet, well, if it were always that easy to make those changes on our own then we would all have the perfect role, wonderfilled career, feel amazing and have all the success and fulfilment we could handle!


It's all very well knowing what we should do, actually knowing how to do it is a different matter!  

Or maybe the challenge is that we don't have the knowledge we need and can't seem to find it and a little outside help, support and info would be really valuable.

Momentum Coaching is committed to supporting you as a healthcare professional to be the best you and be in the most fulfilling role for you. We will help you to uncover your purpose and your goals,unblock the things that have kept you stuck or felt a resistance to and therefore not got done and empowering you to live an even more fulfilling career life. Will will give you the key strategies you need in order to get immediate results that are sustainable for the long term.

What ever your individual challenge - Handle it quickly, easily and effectively safe in the knowledge that it will be completely confidential and you will be coached by someone who understands healthcare, knows the pressures and the challenges and speaks your language.

We guarantee our coaching will be completely confidential and effective. Imagine for a moment now - showing up in your career at a level that you only ever dreamed was possible. How would that feel? How would it impact on the people close to you? What would be possible now in your relationships, business, career, or health?

How long will you wait to give yourself that gift? have everything to gain... the freedom to be the real you and live the life you dreamed of - Decide now to let us be your partner in the journey to a whole new standard of living and working!

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