Taking Care of Your Mental Health


This training session is a full day designed to give your teams insight, strategies and tools to help them to look after their own mental health, especially for staff who are working in environments and roles that are challenging mentally and emotionally. This course will help you to reduce staff absence, build their resilience and create a much more positive working environment for all.

The course content includes:-

What is mental health?

Being at cause (i.e. responsible for your thoughts and actions) or at effect (i.e. blaming everything around you)

Self talk



Faulty thinking styles and how to change them

Finding balance

Mastering your thoughts and emotions

Finding and focussing on your strengths and talents

Tools and skills to boost emotional well-being and dissolve stress.

Who and how to ask for help.


The day is interactive, engaging, fun and thought provoking for the staff and will equip them with skills and strategies they can take forward with them.

Cost of the day is £690 plus vat and travel and can accommodate up to 20 staff per session.

For further information or to book a session for your staff email training@momentumpeople.co.uk or call on 0330 100 2821 (calls charged at local rates)

What other people said.....

"A very helpful and eye-opening course highlighting areas that people had not spent time thinking about. Excellent - really engaged, participants all 'captured' and open minded" Louise Armer, SCOPE, Feb 17

"I thought that it was a positive session and this should be done throughout college with all staff. It's very easy to get caught up in all the negativity but just needs coping strategies put in place to help cope" Rebecca Wilkinson, SCOPE, Feb 17

"Helped me to recognise the experience I had had (shared with the group) and to recognise that I need to continue to stay true to myself in order to maintain my current health, happiness and well-being" Helen Russell, SCOPE, Feb 17

"I found this very eye opening and amazing! It really made me think. TeeJay is an amazing talker, very inspirational! Loved it" Chemini Male, SCOPE, Feb 17

"I found this interesting and informative, lots of food for thought" Tommy McAleer, SCOPE, Feb 17

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