Resilience Training 

Empower Your Care Team to have Bounce-Back-Ability!


 As the daily pressures of working in the Health and Social Care environment continue to grow it is more important now than ever before to put in place training that will improve the mental health and resilience  of your care staff.

As recruitment challenges rise, staff find themselves with more responsibility, more pressure on time and more people to look after. This daily stress can lead to errors, poor judgement, fatigue, low morale, anxiety, depression, poor team work and increased absence due to illness. 

Building the resilience of your staff will help them cope better under pressure and protect them from mental and physical ill health. Give them Bounce-back-Ability!!

We can deliver one day courses for staff members and 2 day courses for Managers - Call us or email us to find out more and discuss your needs.

email or Call us on 0330 100 2821

That others said about the course...

"Clever and Varied. Useful information which if you follow it can make a positive difference to your life"

"All Managers would benefit from this training to enable them to see the strengths and talents of their team."

"I felt the training helped me to realise that as a staff team we must empower one another and work to everyone's strengths to enhance the working environment and good practice. The training was truly interesting and uplifting."

"Brilliant! Fully enjoyed it and found it most helpful, both to increase my knowledge and reassure me that I have done a lot right over the years!"

"Try it and expand you mind and feelings in a positive way!"

"This course was very interesting and hit home with a lot of the topics delivered. "

"I didn't know what to expect from the course and it really made me think about myself and my outlook on life but also why some people have different outlooks in life as well and how their behaviour can reflect on a need they have unconsciously."

"It's not just for work but also great personally."



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