Medicines Use Reviews in Pharmacy

I never cease to be amazed at how many clients and Health and Social Care Professionals do not know about this fabulous service that is offered in every community pharmcy so let me shout abot it a little for you as I beleive that it's a service both Care Teams and Cleitns alike will benefit from so, so much.

Medication Use Reviews are a service offered free of charge to the client at the pharmacy and will be conducted by a pharmacist in a private area such as a consultation area. You are eligible for a review if you have been receiving medication from that pharmacy for a minimum of 3 months or if your medication changes in some way. The pharmacist will spend 15 to 20 minutes with the client and go through all of the medicines that they take or use, be that precription medicines or onver the counter drugs to ensure that the client is getting the best from their medicines.

Typically the review will begin by asking if the client is still taking or using that medicine and will go go to ask what they understand the medication to be for. If the client is unsure then the pharmacist will explain it to them. They will discuss how the client is getting on taking or using the medication:-

- Cant they open the containers?

- Are they remembering ot take them?

- Can they swallow that tablet/capsule etc.

- Are they suffering from any side-effects or unwanted effects?

- Do they need any help or support with the medicines?

It's possible that the medication regime can be simplified or modified for the client as the pharmacist can contact the GP to advise changes to benefit the client. A great eway to work together as a team of professionals to ensure that the clients gets the best from their medication. A reviewshoulds be carried out annually or sooner if there are difficulties or changes.

I am happy to shout about this service to the Care and Health Secotr professionals as I believe it is such a valuable service to support you in the role that you have supporting peole with their medication, promoting independence with medicines or ensuring the the administration is safe and appropriate. What a great service to use when taking on a new client or when a client comes out of hospital and you are unsure of the medicines they should now be taking.

Why not contact your local pharmacy and ask for further details?

OR - if you'd like to know more email training@momentumpeople.co.uk for further information


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