Online Competency Assessor Training for Safe Use of Medicines – July 2024

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Online Competency Assessor Training for Safe Use of Medicines – July 2024

So you are training your team to administer medication safely and you are observing them in the workplace and signing them off as competent BUT who is training the people who are assessing the competencies? How are you demonstrating to the CQC or OFSTED that your assessors are competent to assess?

This training specifically addresses that challenge for you, providing you with evidence that you have invested in giving your assessors additional training to ensure that they are looking for the right things and asking the right questions of their team.

Course Contents:-

This 2 day online training workshop, assesses current knowledge and practical administration experience to ensure everyone has the foundation expertise and then builds on that to empower assessors to be confident and competent to assess the knowledge and skills of their team.

  • Foundation principles
  • In-depth medicines management skills
  • In-depth medicines administration skills
  • Understanding NICE Guidance, Fundamental Standards and more
  • Recognising roles and responsibilities
  • Spotting and reducing errors
  • Assessing risks and preventing accidents
  • Effectively challenging a medical professional
  • Proficiently assessing and approving ways to administer medication
  • Assessor questions and documentation

The course content is engaging, interactive and informative, designed to refresh skills and remove complacency. Practical activities are combined with up-to-date legislation, applicable to all healthcare scenarios, to ensure the right questions are asked.




15 - 16 Jul 2024


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



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