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Epilepsy Awareness Distance Learning Course


The aim of this distance learning course is to present an overview of epilepsy and the current treatment for the various manifestations of this condition


Training Objectives include:-

• Understand the nature and incidence of epilepsy

• Be familiar with the various forms of epilepsy and their clinical features

• Understand the diagnostic methods for investigating suspected epilepsy

• Be able to explain the range of treatments available for this condition

• Be competent to administer first aid following an epileptic seizure

• Appreciate the social and occupational aspects of epilepsy


 The distance Learning course is divided in to 4 modules that are worked through at your own pace. We give you a month per module as a guide but you can choose to work through much more quickly if you would like to.

Each module consists of an information booklet and an workbook to complete and return. Each delegate will be issued a delegate number and assigned a tutor for support who will also assess and give feedback to each delegate. At the end of the course you will be awarded a certificate of completion to show that you have met the required standard of learning.

Module 1 - What is Epilepsy?the brain

Epilepsy facts
The physiology of nerves and the brain
Epilepsy and Risk

Module 2

Types of siezures
Seizure thresholds
Seizure diaries

Module 3

Diagnosis of Epilepsy

Module 4

Treatment of Epilepsy

Cost per person
£80 for all 4 modules - Fantastic Value!!






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