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Dementia Awareness Distance Learning Course


The distance learning course for the dementia training is based on the advanced training course content split into 3 modules

Module 1

· What is Dementia?
· Incidence and prevalence of dementia
· How the brain works and Causes of the disease


Module 2lady with dementia

· Symptoms
· Types of dementia
· Diagnosis, assessment of dementia
· Medication used to treat dementia


Module 3

Person Centred Care
· The impact of dementia
Communication & its problems
Hallucinations & delusions
Eating problems associated with dementia



The modules will be emailed to you each with a workbook to complete and return for feedback. This can be returned either by email or post - whichever is easiest for the candidate.

Cost per Course £80 - Amazing value for all 3 modules!


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