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Medication Training for Nurses - eCourse

It’s interesting to note that statistically there is not difference in the number of medication errors made in nursing homes vs residential homes and yet surely you would expect it to be significantly lower in our nursing homes?

Often within the care environment it is our nursing staff who miss out on the training and refresher training that they so much need in order to stay up to date in their practice because the assumption is that our nurses don’t need training as they are nurses! In reality they too still need to be refreshed in the basics and to have the opportunity to received continuing professional development within their roles in our care homes.

This course provides both a sound update for their knowledge and practice and additional information that they can add to their CPD portfolio and use to raise the standards of the care provided even more and is accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice and RCN Approved

Presented in four modules delivered to your inbox all you have to do is read through the modules, compete the accompanying workbook and return it for assessment and final accreditation. We will send you feedback every step of the way and reward you with your certificate of accreditation at the successful completion of the course.

What you will cover:-

· Legislation and guidance

· Dispensing vs Administration

· Compliance aids to promote independence

· Monitored dosage systems

· Self administration

· Homely remedies

· Consent for medication

· Secondary dispensing

· Covert administration

· Storage and expiry dates

· Controlled drugs

· Storage of medicines

· Disposing of medication

· Ordering and receiving of medication

· Medication errors

· The 5 rights

· Error reporting

· Record keeping

· Names of medicines

· Strengths of medicines

· Formulation

· Administration techniques for

o Tablets and capsules

o Liquids

o Eye drops

o Patches

o Creams and ointments

o Inhalers

· Dose instruction

· Side effects and adverse reactions

· Medicines use reviews

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