Medication Training For Schools and Colleges

At Momentum People we recognise that it is not just care homes and domiciliary care services who need support, guidance and training in the safe administration of medicines but that as a school or college, you have to meet the requirements of OFSTED and the CQC and need training that is tailored to meet your specific needs. That's why Momentum People have designed, tried and tested this course especially for you in the Safe Administration of Medicines in Schools and Colleges. We work with you to include your own policies, procedures and paperwork (or help you to develop those polcies and paperwork systems)  in this one day, face to face training session to ensure that your teachers and support staff have a better understanding of how to manage medicines safely in your school or college and the records that need to be kept to evidence this.

Course contentsnurse giving child meds

  • Legislation and guidance
  • Types of support that may be required
  • Storage and disposal
  • Record keeping
  • Over the Counter medication
  • Best practice when administering medication
  • What is administration by specialised techniques?
  • Confidentiality and consent
  • Checking medicines labels
  • What to do when medication is refused or spat out
  • Dose instructions
  • Medication errors and reducing risk
  • Side effects and adverse reactions
  • How to administer tablets, liquids, patches, eye drops, inhalers etc.
  • And more!

What to expect....

 Before the training takes place we will discuss your individual needs with you to ensure that it is tailored to your requirements. On the day one of our team of pharmacist experts will deliver the training at your premises in a friendly, interactive and enjoyable way to ensure that your team are fully engaged in the learning process and get the most from the day. Delegates will be provided with handouts and any additional information resources that are appropriate to the training  on the day and will receive certificates of completion at the end of the training course.  Work-based competency assessment docmentation can be provided if you do not already have systems in place, please ask about this when you contact us.

To find out more and to book your session for your team call now on 0330 100 2821

or email

What others have said about the training...

"Excellent Trainer, professional, approachable, excellent communication skills and expertise. Subject knowledge superior"

 "A well delivered course. Tutor was approachable and knowledgable in her delivery. I now feel more confident in my role, keeping children and myself safe." M. McAuley, High Tunstall School Oct 18

'There are lots of practical activities in the course and no question is a bad one!' Liam Gray, High Tunstall School, Hartlepool. Oct 18

Vital for meds knowledge. It has given me the confidence to administer meds safely. Very valuable training.' Rachel Gray, High Tunstall School, Hartlepool, Oct 18

This course is great. Very in depth and simple to follow. any and all questions were answered.' Charlotte Wares, High Tunstall School, Oct 18

"Thank you - you made it very easy to ask questions as  we went along. Easy going and informative at the same time" Alison Barber - Monsaye Academy Kettering

 "Brilliant training! Hopefully we'll see you again soon TeeJay!" Virginie Baron Montsaye Academy, Kettering

 "I would say it's a very good,  in-depth course. I will be recommending it to my old work place as they will benefit a huge amount from it.  I will use and remember everything I have learned for as long as I administer any kind of medication. Thank you!" - Sarah Williams Prior's Court School

"I so enjoyed this course. It has really opened my eyes to meds and given me a really good knowledge in a short space of time" - Tracy Collins, Priors Court School

"A very informative course, well organised and hand outs well laid out. Good examples of record sheets and information packs to take away and look back on" Alicia Chipping, Central Sussex College

"Everybody in our profession should be made aware of their rights and responsibilities and these were covered in this course" Debbie Hankins, Central Sussex College

"A very good course, would highly recommend Catherine the trainer as she is helpful and kept the course informal but factual" Joan Palmer Central Sussex College

It is very important to attend this training and to listen to all aspects to enable you to SAFELY carry out the administration of meds" Tracie Brayborook, Central Sussex College

"The teacher is very friendly and clear, even if this is the first time you are doing medication training you will understand what medication administration is all about and the best way to do it" Slome Njoga Priors Court School

The course was interesting and fun with lots of examples to back up the information given. I enjoyed being able to examine meds, MAR charts exercises etc. and discuss in small groups and then get feedback." Jacki Rae Priors Court School

"This was my first medicines training and the time flew by. the numerous group exercises and interactive nature of this day made learning FUN!" John Sutherland, Priors Court School

"Very useful course, made a topic which could have easily been dull interactive and interesting. Definitely feel that my knowledge has  improved as a result of this course" Charlotte Lallis, Priors Court School.

"The Momentum People Training Centre is using professional people who are knowledgable and experienced and also know how to impart the knowledge to people. I am quite happy to be in the training because it really reduced the fear and exposed things that I did not know" Eunice Uwannah

"Excellent training. It was interesting, enjoyable and I will take into work knowledge I can put into practice straight away. thank you TeeJay!' Abigail O'Shea Priors Court School

 "Delivered in a friendly and knolwedgable manner. TeeJay was approachable and interactive. Didn't feel like she was talking at us but rather engaging us and making a dull subject fun to learn" Edward Makyunzi, Priors Court School, Newbury




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