Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness

Supporting youngsters with ASD in children’s services

Young boy with Autism sat in a park by himslelf

Understanding the gamut of Autism Spectrum Disorder

This course will provide participants with an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), offer guidance on the treatment available for its various manifestations and how best to support someone with the condition.

Autism is not an illness or disease. As a lifelong development disability autistic people perceive the world – see, hear, feel – and interact differently with others. Participants will gain an understanding into the accompanying learning disabilities, mental health issues and other conditions that autistic people may share.

Course content

Awareness of autism is growing but there is still a lot of confusion around what the condition is, its causes and how it affects people. ASD limits and impairs everyday functioning, which can result in social communication and interaction difficulties and restricted or repetitive behaviour patterns.

Participants will learn about the main diagnostic tools – DISCO, ADI-R and ADOS – and assessments that follow the national guidelines and the National Autism Plan for Children (NAPC).

  • Autism facts
  • Autism myths
  • Signs, symptoms and diagnosis
  • Asperger syndrome, pathological demand avoidance and other types of autism
  • Cognitive thinking, emotions, behaviours and identity impact
  • Social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour
  • Therapy, intervention and support
  • Medication, treatment and antipsychotic medication
  • Side effects and complications

Autism – Always Unique Totally Intelligent Sometimes Mysterious

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Who is this course designed for?

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness course is ideal for any nurse, carer, care support worker or manager working within children’s and adult’s services. The knowledge gained from the course will equip participants with the confidence to support anyone with ASD and to address their needs appropriately.

Parents, carers or non-clinical health staff who live with family members, or come into contact with ASD clients, are also welcome to attend the course to improve their awareness.

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Course reviews

Thank you TeeJay a brilliant session covering so many aspects of ASD and very thought-provoking too.
Claire Bayliss, Action for Children

Very informative and useful. Loved the exercises and the videos. Great interaction and engagement.

Sam Barns, Beaumonds
Enjoyed the video, very informative and moving –  what a great insight into the world of someone who is very autistic.
Fiona Brooks, Action for Children

Thoroughly enjoyed the session – makes me want to do my own research.

Alison Langley, Action for Children

Course duration

Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness is a five-hour course, which includes breaks.

Course outcome

At the end of the course, participants will understand the complexities of ASD, how it impacts people’s lives and the diagnosis, assessment and treatment options required to support people living with the condition.

Participants learn about roles and responsibilities, the medication available, how best to treat people with ASD conditions and the potential side effects and complications.

Ways to study

Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness is available as an in-person or online (via Zoom or Teams) course for children’s services organisations. The course content can be tailored to match the needs of specific policies and procedures.

Course screenshots

Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness course fees

Half day in-house training £450 + VAT and travel where applicable for up to 12 participants.

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