Medication audit

Raising care standards with medication audits

Audit overview

Female carrying out medication audit at care home

Peace of mind for healthcare professionals

Is your organisation due for an inspection? 

It’s hard to keep track of guidance, compliance and legislation changes in the care industry. 

Medication audit overview

A medication audit is valuable when it comes to ensuring medication is handled appropriately in your care environment and remains fully compliant ahead of Care Quality Commission (CQC) and OFSTED inspections. 

An audit will quickly identify areas that need improving to deter inspection visits and avoid unnecessary CQC warnings and negative reviews.

Audit content

A friendly, qualified pharmacist will visit your organisation to conduct a thorough review. Care procedures will be assessed to ensure they meet legal and ethical requirements, and that medicines administration records are accurate. A medication audit will include:

  • Label inspection
  • Medication policies
  • Medicines storage and disposal
  • Controlled drugs
  • Medicine self-administration
  • Medication round observation
  • Record keeping
  • Error reporting
  • Risk assessment
  • Medication training and competency assessment
  • Home remedies and non-prescribed medication

Following our medication audit, you will gain a comprehensive report of competence excellence and a checklist of how to make improvements. Recommendations for best practice, improving record keeping documents and policies will be provided.

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Who can benefit from a medication audit?

Any organisation providing social care or medical support will benefit from a medication audit. Implementing recommendations including robust record keeping systems help organisations to improve processes and competencies, and demonstrate continual improvement to quality standards inspectors.

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How much will a medication audit cost?

A medication audit carried out by an expert pharmacist for a single care home or medical unit will cost £850 (plus travel). This fee includes advice issued on-site, a detailed report, paperwork resources, follow-up recommendations and continued electronic or telephone support from our team.

For medication audits for multiple sites, please contact us to discuss.

How long will a medication audit take?

A medication audit for a single care home or medical unit, carried out by an expert pharmacist will take half-a-day on site and half a day to write the report.

Why use Momentum People?

Momentum People’s medication audits are conducted by pharmacist experts who are trained in dealing with complex medicines, conditions and situations within health, social care and education environments.

Join thousands of healthcare organisations that have already benefited from a Momentum People medication audit.

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