Anaphylaxis and EpiPen training course

Need to manage allergens and allergic reactions?

Man doing adrenaline injection into leg

Learn anaphylaxis prevention, diagnosis and treatments

Anaphylaxis is an extreme and severe allergic reaction. It affects the entire body often within minutes of exposure to the allergen.

This practical training course is designed to improve awareness of anaphylaxis and the use of EpiPen and similar adrenaline autoinjectors, and the effective administration of adrenaline as an emergency response to an acute allergic reaction. All training is delivered by a qualified professional with years of experience in the field.

Course content

The course will give participants an understanding of severe allergic reactions so that they know the difference between an intolerance and an allergy.

Participants will discover the variety of food and non-food sources of allergens that can cause anaphylaxis, understand the symptoms, treatments, effective prevention measures, what to do if faced with an anaphylaxis situation and how to use an auto-injector.

  • What is an allergic reaction?

  • What are the common causes?
  • What is anaphylaxis?
  • What causes anaphylaxis?
  • What symptoms should you look out for?
  • Communication and casualty care
  • Unconscious casualty management
  • What is adrenal?
  • What is an auto-injector?
  • How to administer adrenaline (Emerade, Jext and EpiPen)
  • Accident prevention and emergency planning
  • Recording and reporting incidents
  • Primary survey
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Who is this course designed for?

The anaphylaxis and EpiPen training course is suitable for anyone who is involved in the administration of medicines or needs to be aware of the diagnosis and treatment of anaphylactic reactions within any care environment, including care homes and clinics, nurseries, schools, colleges, and the general workplace.

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Course reviews

I now have a much better understanding of anaphylaxis and how to administer an Epipen. I enjoyed learning about the cross allergens that I was not aware about before.

Jon Jenkins, SCC

I feel much more confident now that I could administer an Epipen to a young person in our service if I needed to without panicking.

Learning about different types of allergens and labelling was very informative. 

Mandy O’Niel-Chaggar, Cannock
Very well presented, lovely trainer and good use of resources and materials. The videos were helpful and I enjoyed the allergens exercise and the practical exercises. 
Sarah Walker, Burton-on-Trent
Good course. Very interactive and the trainer was very enthusiastic. I learned that allergens can be found in unexpected things and the importance of good risk assessments for our young people. 
Emma Callister, SCC

TeeJay was easy to listen to and explained things fully. I was surprised at how many foods and drinks have additives which may affect other allergies. Really good course. 

Dawn Deely, HRC
This is a very informative course and was conducted very well with a lot of clear everyday examples. Everyone should do this course! Emma is a fantastic trainer and made me aware of how allergens can be life-threatening in some cases.
Florance Kayran , Waltham Forest

The course is very informative, you don’t realise how many allergens there are, how important it is to read the food labels or how easily cross-contamination can happen. This course has really opened my eyes. 

Sharon Tassell , Waltham Forest

Course duration

The anaphylaxis and EpiPen training course will last for approximately 2.5 hours. Allow for additional time depending on your learning style. 

Course outcome

At the end of the course participants will have learned about allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, its causes, what to look out for and how to react.

Practical training on how to use an injector device for adrenaline administration (using training injectors in the classroom environment or through delivered sterile training injectors if learning online) will give participants the confidence to act in a real emergency situation.

Course screenshots

Ways to study

This course can be studied as an individual or as part of a team, online (via Zoom or Teams) or in person.


Anaphylaxis and EpiPen training course fees

£350 + VAT and travel where applicable for up to 12 participants.

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