Cerebral Palsy Awareness

How to support people with cerebral palsy

Mum painting with her son who has Cerebral Palsy

Effective training if you support a client with CP

The Cerebral Palsy Awareness course is designed to increase the understanding participants have about the condition, its causes, symptoms and the impact on people’s lives.

An in-depth analysis will be delivered, highlighting the associated conditions of cerebral palsy and how it affects different parts of the body.

Course content

The course will outline the causes of cerebral palsy before, during and after birth and discuss the factors that increase the chances of the condition arising.

Participants will be introduced to the three main types of cerebral palsy – Spastic CP, Athetoid or Dyskinetic CP and Ataxic CP – and how it affects some, or all, of a person’s limbs.

  • Signs and symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatments and care plans
  • Medication
  • Feeding problems
  • Associated conditions
  • Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL)

The course content is practical and interactive to embed effective learning around the treatment and support options available and the impact and outlook for people living with cerebral palsy.

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Who is this course designed for?

The Cerebral Palsy Awareness course is ideal for any care personnel working within children’s and adult’s services. The learning environment is a safe place for participants to ask questions, improve their knowledge and build the confidence to support anyone with cerebral palsy with the appropriate care, treatment and medication.

Parents, carers or non-clinical health staff who live with family members, or come into contact with cerebral palsy clients, are also welcome to attend the course to improve their awareness.

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Course reviews

A fun, interactive course and a teacher that was full of energy, learned so much and enjoyed the videos and exercise.

Zara Edwards, Your Content Goes Here
The trainer was very knowledgeable and made the training engaging and even fun!. This course really made you think.
Beth Jones, Action for Children

Excellent training course that was kept fun and interesting. Plenty of interaction and group/practical work to challenge us in a good way. I have come away with new knowledge despite having training in this area before.

Kelly Trot, Priors Court

The course throughout was delivered with obvious knowledge and passion. Information was delivered with clarity as well as answering any and all questions. Very professional delivery, kept interesting all through.

Jill Foster , Staffordshire County Council

Really appreciated TeeJay putting us at ease right from the beginning and encouraging us to ask questions as and when we wanted to. Time passed really quickly, I was afraid I might feel bored but there was never a dull moment! Everything was very useful.

Jayne Pearson, Crossroads Care

Course duration

The Cerebral Palsy Awareness course is a three-hour course.

Course outcome

At the end of the course, participants will understand the causes, symptoms and types of cerebral palsy and how to implement the appropriate support for different levels of severity.

Participants will be guided on suitable medication and therapies and feel confident in their abilities to manage associated conditions.

Ways to study

Cerebral Palsy Awareness is available as an in-person or online (via Zoom or Teams) course for children’s services organisations. The course content can be tailored to match the needs of specific policies and procedures.

Course screenshots

Cerebral Palsy Awareness course fees

Half day in-house training £450 + VAT and travel where applicable for up to 15 participants.

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