Epilepsy Awareness Training

Supporting people living with epilepsy

Medical practitioner with Epilepsy awareness ribbon

Epilepsy Awareness Training

There are various manifestations of epilepsy, all of which require different levels of support and treatment depending on the individual involved.

Momentum People offers several epilepsy awareness training to cover all complexities. This awareness training is designed to give participants an overview of the condition and cover the causes, symptoms, types of seizures and treatment options. Additional courses are available for the administration of Buccal Midazolam, Rectal Diazepam and/or Rectal Paraldehyde.


Course content

The course will help participants to understand the nature and incidence of epilepsy, introducing its various forms and clinical features, and outline the diagnostic methods for investigating suspected epilepsy.

  • What is epilepsy and its impact?
  • The physiology of nerve impulses and the brain
  • Incidence and prevalence of epilepsy
  • Causes of and diagnosis of the disease
  • Symptoms
  • Types of seizures
  • Treatment options and medication
  • Basic first aid
  • Emergency treatments

Additional training can be added to the awareness training for the buccal administration of midazolam and/or rectal administration of diazepam and/or paraldehyde. See links below.

Epilepsy Awareness with Buccal Midazolam

Epilepsy Awareness with Rectal Administration 

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Who is this course designed for?

Epilepsy Awareness is ideal for all personnel working in a care role who may come into contact with people suffering from epilepsy and its seizures and want or need to understand the condition better.

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Course duration

This Epilepsy Awareness course is a half day course. Please allow for a duration of 3 hours which includes a break.

Course outcome

At the end of the foundation course, participants will understand the signs and symptoms of epilepsy, feel confident in explaining the range of treatments and be competent in administering first aid following an epileptic seizure.

Participants who enrol on the two additional epilepsy modules will have the necessary practical training in order to administer rectal and/or buccal medication administration and competency assessment.

Course screenshots

Ways to study

Epilepsy Awareness is delivered as an online (via Zoom or Teams), a face-to-face programme or access one of our open courses (dates available throughout the year).


Epilepsy Awareness Training fees

3 hour session – £450 + VAT and travel where applicable for up to 12 participants.

Open course via Zoom – £75 per person + VAT.

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