Medicines Management for Children’s Services

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Course overview

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Flexible Medicines Management Training for Children’s Services

Momentum People has designed a course in medication training that can be delivered to all the relevant areas within children’s services. It is specifically for nurses, healthcare assistants, carers and personnel who may be required to administer medicines on site within a children’s services environment.

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Course content

This course will provide participants with in-depth knowledge for best practice in handling and administering medicines within a children’s services role.

The training is relevant for all healthcare and children’s service personnel and carers. The course, which is accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice, is broken down into four course modules to enable participants to read and complete an accompanying workbook.

Module 1 – Understanding medicines
  • Introduction
  • What is a medicine?
  • How do medicines work?
  • Routes of administration
  • Formulation
  • Legal categories of medicines
  • Dosage and strength of medicines
  • Names of medicines
  • Medicine labels
Module 2 – Policy, record keeping and stock control
  • Medication policy
  • The law and handling medicines
  • Levels of care for children’s service users
  • Ordering prescriptions
  • Receiving prescriptions
  • Changes to doses or to labels
  • Controlled drugs
  • Homely remedies or over the counter remedies
  • Storage
  • Stock control and rotation
  • Disposal of unwanted medication
Module 3 – Medicines administration
  • Supporting clients with medicines
  • Promoting independence
  • Protecting and promoting client’s rights
  • Confidentiality and consent for children and young people
  • Assisting administration
  • Checking procedures
  • Medicines administration records
  • Monitored dosage systems
  • Self-administration
  • Errors
  • Monitoring
Module 4 – What are medicines used for?
  • What are medicines used for?
  • Side effects and adverse reactions
  • Administration of tablets and capsules
  • Administration of liquid preparations
  • Administration of eye preparations
  • Administration of patches
  • Administration of creams and ointments

The course modules are delivered straight to the participant’s inbox with full support available remotely from qualified pharmacist trainers.

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Who is this course designed for?

The Medicines Management for Children’s Services course has been designed to match the needs of all carers and health assistants working with children and young people.

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Course reviews

It was good training due to the trainer being so knowledgeable and experienced. It was upbeat, never boring, and easy to follow. One of the best medication training I’ve ever received :-)

Michelle Brindley, Cannock Resource Centre

I feel that this course would be beneficial to newly approved carers for them to be aware and have the knowledge and be trained by a professional not hearsay. Thank you TeeJay.

Jo Stewart, Foster Carer

An invaluable training for all foster carers – it should be a core training alongside first aid.

A very informative, useful course with just the right amount of true stories to make you appreciate that the safe use of medicines is so important.

Ricard Nowell, Shaping Futures

Would highly recommend this course, it was very enjoyable, no jargon and very understandable.  TeeJay delivers an excellent course, all her approaches are understandable and relevant to my role – Thank you.

Cheryl Middleton, Hawthornes, Burton-on-Trent
As a nurse of 28 years who is now a foster carer I found the application of this course really useful. Issues I had not identified such as secondary dispensing offered a good opportunity for discussion.
Kate James, Family Link

Course duration

The Medicines Management for Children’s Services course is made up of four modules that are available as on-demand eLearning. Completion of the course will take as long as the participant needs but the average time it should take is 8 hours.

Course outcome

At the end of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of medicines, what they are used for and how to competently and confidently administer them if needed.

Practical and engaging content delivered by an expert in the use of medicine in children’s services will cover the fundamentals of policy, record keeping and medicine stock control.

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Ways to study

The Medicines Management for Children’s Services course is an on-demand eLearning course allowing participants to study the modules at their own pace and in their own time.

An open course version is also available for participants who learn better from a trainer-led course. Read more about the Medication Training for Children’s Services course here.

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Medicines Management for Children’s Services fees

Open online course £70 per person plus VAT.

Full day in-house training £850 + VAT and travel where applicable for up to 20 participants.

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Momentum People’s training courses introduce diverse coaching and training styles using a holistic approach to ensure personal sustainability as well as practical knowledge and upskilling.

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