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Delivering momentum through expert medicines training and coaching programmes

Momentum People provides expert medicines training and coaching programmes for personnel working within the health, social care and education sectors.

About Momentum People?

Momentum People was set up in 2004 by TeeJay Dowe, a trained pharmacist, business performance and life coach, neurostrategist, hypnotherapist and Master NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner.

TeeJay is passionate about empowering people working in the fields of health, medicine, wellbeing and education to realise their full potential and become extraordinary.

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Momentum People offers support, training, coaching and specialist courses to help healthcare professionals clarify what they really want in life from their career when supporting patients, clients and students.

Our industry-specific training will remove the barriers so that nothing stands in the way to progressing a rewarding career and building inner confidence.

Just a brilliantly crafted course that met all the needs for us to deliver great medication training.

Phil Easton, Enhanceable

Brilliant! Easily digestible training. Lots of useful information which would suit anyone in any role – thank you TeeJay :-)

I found this course empowering as it tackled both the medication side but also a range of ideas for delivery which will make me a better trainer across all my subject areas, thank you!

Lucy Willder, Fitzroy Care

Why choose Momentum People for medicines training?

Momentum People offers so much more than medicines training and personal development.

Using TeeJay’s expertise in pharmacy, neurostrategy, hypnotherapy, NLP, temporal dynamics, life coaching and business strategy, our training programmes offer a deeper level of understanding.

Gaining an insight into human behaviour and personality traits will enable participants to approach the course content with empathy and a level of emotional intelligence that will set them apart from traditional teachings.

Thousands of courses have been delivered since Momentum People’s inception to healthcare professionals, leaders, individuals and teams within schools, nurseries, charities, care homes and supported living accommodation, medical clinics, learning disability services and local authorities.

Who is Momentum People training for?

The short answer is anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge and skills in managing medicines and medical conditions, and improve their career prospects, engagement with colleagues and the public to be:

  • Empowered to devise personal goals take responsibility for their service delivery goals

  • Inspired to be professional in whatever role you undertake

  • Accountable for following through your actions and commitment

  • Eager to continually learn and develop skills to keep moving forward and achieve your dreams

Momentum People is the catalyst that provides the momentum needed to achieve the very best in a personal and professional life.

If you want to feel truly alive in your career and be positively aligned with your emotions and values, review the training on offer today

Industry courses are available as on-demand modules, open calendar online events or bespoke company bookings.

Boxes of medicine stored on a shelf

Momentum People values

Momentum People exists to empower healthcare professionals to be the best they possibly can through expert medication training and coaching programmes.

Our core values are to guide course participants to dig deep and find the strength, courage, resilience and desire needed to create a career they love and live a life of fulfilment:

  • Gain the momentum needed to succeed in your role
  • Develop self-belief that is unconditional and unwavering
  • Affirm the ability to achieve high standards
  • Absorb quality and sustainable training to help everyone involved

There has to be a starting point to make a difference in your own career and for those you work with. Make the decision today.

Choose from the comprehensive list of expert medicines training and coaching programmes and start your journey today

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