Meet TeeJay Dowe

Supporting others with confidence

Trainer, best-selling author  and keynote speaker

TeeJay graduated from Aston University with a degree in Pharmacy Bsc Hons. She is a best-selling author of multiple books, serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker.

She has worked passionately in pharmacy for many years, helping, supporting, encouraging and motivating people to make a difference about how they feel as individuals. It’s no wonder she progressed into the world of coaching, mentoring and training.

Getting people to take responsibility for their own life and wellbeing is fundamental for anyone who achieves success. Setting goals and taking action to follow through consistently is what makes a difference to the quality of people’s lives – and training is no different.

TeeJay’s unique point of difference

As well as being a pharmacist, TeeJay is a qualified business performance and life coach with diplomas in both areas. She trained as a master neurostrategist and is a certified master NLP practitioner and trainer, Time Line™ therapist and master hypnotherapist.

Working with clients on an international level, TeeJay brings a unique approach to training by developing the confidence, self-worth and positive mindset of participants that is inspiring and proactive.

Individuals, high-level executives, managers, teams, and even teens, children and families benefit from TeeJay’s specialist training techniques.

TeeJay guides people to identify who they are and discover talents and natural strengths that enable them to live life in ‘flow’.

Just a brilliantly crafted course that met all the needs for us to deliver great medication training.

Phil Easton, Enhanceable

Brilliant! Easily digestible training. Lots of useful information which would suit anyone in any role – thank you TeeJay :-)

I found this course empowering as it tackled both the medication side but also a range of ideas for delivery which will make me a better trainer across all my subject areas, thank you!

Lucy Willder, Fitzroy Care

Meet TeeJay

I’m PASSIONATE about supporting people to uncover their gifts and purpose, empowering them to live an even more fulfilling life. Many of us spend so much time in the workplace. This is valuable time, so we need to be in roles that are aligned to who we really are so that work is a joy not a chore. I love to empower people to find roles they love and to be skilled and knowledgeable in what they do. When this happens they add value, feel valued and are rewarded for their value.

I love coaching, training and making a difference. These things are like oxygen to me! To ensure that I have the energy to be fully present and enjoy these things every day means that I have to take care of myself too. So if I’m not in the workplace you’ll find me running, rebounding, lifting weights or in a body pump/combat/attack class at the gym seven days a week when I can! I also love to relax with quiet mediation or grounding yoga.

I eat healthily, drink plenty of water and consume ‘green’ drinks in order to alkalise and energise. This gives me a boosting bounce that maintains my enthusiasm from early morning to late into the night, making the most of every precious minute of every beautiful day.

My purpose is to empower the lives of 10 million people to become confident, successful leaders, and that they achieve this by feeling happy in their own skin.”


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