Diabetes Awareness Training

In-house or Distance Learning - You Choose!

Blood Glucose testing


This Full Day's Training or Distance Learning Course Cover's the following:-

- What is diabetes?
- Complications
- Types of diabetes
- Weight management
- Food and diabetes
- Medication and treatment
- Monitoring glucose levels
- Impact of diabetes
- Q&A, Feedback and Evaluation


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This can be tweaked if you require anything different or additionally but would be suitable for most levels of staff.
In-house Training Cost - £75 per person + VAT min of 8 people or equivalent cost plus mileage to venue

Distance Learning Course - £65 + VAT - CLICK HERE for more information

To book your course or to order your distance learning pack Contact Momentum People NOW on

0330 100 2821 or email training@momentumpeople.co.uk


"The course was delivered at a level that the target audience could understand and was informative and well presented" Kevan Williams, Stafford Short Breaks, Apr 2018 

"Very informative and easy to understand, practical demonstration very useful as showed me how to carry out testing competently" Gillian Cowdell, Stafford Short Breaks, Apr 2018 

"TeeJay manages to deliver a wealth of information without overloading and keeps it interactive, engaging and interesting" Paul Barker, Stafford Short Breaks, Apr 2018 

"Great course, a good balance of practical, visual and information. Very helpful and would recommend" Irga Brown, Stafford Short Breaks, Apr 2018 

"The delivery of the course made the subject very interesting also the trainer was very engaging throughout" Kerry Hutchinson, Stafford Short Breaks, Apr 2018 

"Excellent interactive training, easy to follow and understand, very limited jargon. Enjoyable session" Sue Dodd, Stafford Short Breaks, Apr 2018 

"Very informative, all questions answered. A complete health condition explained in easy to understand delivery" John Rowlands, Stafford Short Breaks, Apr 2018

"A very informative day, as from previous experience TeeJay's sparkle and passion shone through! The course is very usefu lin explaining diabetes, how lifestyle impacts so much on our health and to refresh knowledge and see how much technology has changed. TeeJay's presentation style ius always a delight to be a part of - Thank you!" - Lorraine Walters, Training Manager Wiltshire County Council

"Well worth attending if you work with the elderly or those who have diabetes, it was very helpful and delivered in a manner hat was easy to underdtand." Mr Leslie Wilkins, Andover Nursing Home

 "The Training was prepared and delivered in a very professional manner with enthusiasm ans miles - very nice :-) " Alicja Gliniak, Abacus House, Swindon











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