Train the Trainer - Safe Use of Medicines

Train the Trainer Safe Use of Medicines is a Three Day course designed to cover training technique, confidence skills, and all the content you will need to deliver a high quality up to date course on the Safe Use of Medicines in your organisation accompanied by all of the resources you need to deliver it immediately in a way that engages your team. The trainer pack includes notes, slides, exercises, games, assessment documents and more!

Course content:-

A combination of presenting skills and confidence skills tailored to meet the experience and skills of the delegates on the course from 'never done it before' to 'done it a million times' :-) - something for everyone to grow and improve on as trainers.
The course content you will receive is from the Safe Use of Medicines Course that I teach and you will get to listen to and participate in the whole of the content that you will be basing your own sessions on. You'll get the chance to ask questions, understand it in much more detail and take as many notes as possible so that you can present it both during the course and when you go forward to your own sessions.

That content covers:-

  • Legislation and Guidance
  • Levels of support
  • Promoting independence with medicines
  • Compliance aids - Monitored Dosage Systems
  • Controlled drugs
  • Storage and shelf lives of meds
  • Ordering and receiving medication
  • Disposal of medicines
  • Consent
  • Covert administration
  • Secondary Dispensing
  • Homely remedies
  • PRN medication
  • Medicines Administration Records
  • What is a medicines
  • How do medicines work
  • Names of medicines
  • Formulation
  • Practical information on the administration of:-
  • Tablets and caps
  • liquids
  • eye preparations
  • Patches
  • Creams and oints
  • Inhalers
  • and Dose instructions

You are supplied with all of the resources and materials that you need to go and run your own courses immediately including presentation slides, assessments and guidance documents.

The course cost is £647 for the 3 Days and includes refreshments and lunch plus the resources that you take away AND ongoing support, mentoring and advice from a pharmacy expert.

Date of next course: 16th to 18th March 2020

Venue: Stoke on Trent

Times: 9-5.00pm each day


EARLY BIRD Offer Save £100 - offer expires 30th December 2019 so don't delay!!!

 Call 0330 100 2821 (Calls charged at local rates)
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Here's what some of our previous delegates said

"I would certainly recommend this to anybody needing medication training or needing to become a trainer. Very, very enjoyable and knowledgeable" 

Callum McDonald, Fitzroy, October 2019

"The course is worth every minute of your time and energy. You will be more effective and knowledgeable, you will be a better administrator of medication"

Maree McGovern, Fitzroy, October 2019 

"Brilliant course and was far more than I was expecting. TeeJay is a fun, interactive and knowledgeable trainer"

Emma Smith, Fitzroy, October 2019 

"A really interesting and engaging course. If you thought 'I know that' beforehand, you would be wrong. A really insightful and thorough learning experience. Thank you TeeJay" 

Louise Farrell-Clarke, Fitzroy, October 2019 

"Could not recommend this course enough! Absolutely invaluable to all health care professionals working with medications/providing training. TeeJay's skills as a trainer are brilliant. She has vast brilliant knowledge that is given in an energetic and engaging way! The teaching/training methods taught are brilliant learning about different learning preferences"

Eldon Millward, Royal Derby Hospital, August 2019 

"This course enables you to confidently teach a broad group of people. It gives you an understanding of the law/guidance and the biology/chemistry of medication. This enables more accurate and confident administration"

Nikki Wharton, Royal Derby Hospital, August 2019 

"This course is very informative, not only about meds management but effective and interesting ways of teaching others" 

Sophie Robinson, Royal Derby Hospital, August 2019 

"A very interesting and interactive course, so much relevant material and information given. It has made me a lot more confident in medication administration overall" 

Natalie Parkin, Royal Derby Hospital, August 2019 

"Just a brilliantly crafted course that met all the needs for us to deliver great medication training"

Phil Easton, Enhanceable July 2019

"An incredibly good training course full of really good information and ideas to keep people engaged involved and encourage contributions. I learnt a lot"

Sharon McLaughlin, Enhanceable July 2019

'Thank you, best training I have ever been on for a long time. teeJay really has great knowledge and made the training interesting."

Jeanette Tolhurst, Action for Children July 2018

'TeeJay was brilliant, so approachable and knowledgable, really able to give specific advice that is useful for individual scenarios that might be project specific.' 

Rachel Brown Action for Children July 2018

"Brilliant! Easily digestible training. Lots of useful information which would suit anyone in any role - thank you TeeJay :-) "

Emily Shaw St Monicas Trust, May 18

"One of the best training I have ever attended - an eye opener!"

Anna Cygan, St Monicas Trust,  May 18

"I found this course empowering as it tackled both the medication side but also a range of ideas for delivery which will make me a better trainer across all my subject areas, thank you!"

Lucy Willder, Fitzroy Care, Mar 18 

"This course is very well set out. You learn lots of new information from a very experienced and engaging trainer. Time flies when TeeJay is training!"

Deborah Sproston, ECHC, Mar 18

"I really enjoyed the tools used during the course, the team discussions were very helpful. I would tell other care workers to attend this very interesting and useful course"

Dot Cox, Acquire Care, Dec 17 

"Enjoyable course throughout, TeeJay is very knowledgeable, everyone has something to gain/benefit" 

Abigail Green, Acquire Care, Dec 17 

"TeeJay is the best trainer for this subject due to her pharmacist background. She is fun and full of lots of useful learning materials which has made life easier for me as a  trainer"

Jackie Flood, Action for Children, Oct 17 

"Really well run course, the knowledge gained is invaluable"

Jared McNeil, Action for Children, Oct 17 

"Attend the course, enjoy it and learn from it as it is a very knowledgeable course and trainer and I continually learn every year"

Alan McLauchlan, Action for Children, Oct 17

"It is a very informative, knowledgeable, clear, concise and fun course that will enhance your knowledge on the administration of medication and give you the confidence to train your staff"

Jacqueline Lamont, Action for Children, Oct 17 

"I have gained a great deal of knowledge and really enjoyed this course. Everything was explained thoroughly and everyone was encouraged to participate"

Sarah Quiney, Holmleigh Care, Sept 17 

"Great training delivered in a way that took account of all levels of knowledge. Was informative and fun. Thanks TeeJay, you are a star!"

Jaqui Barnes-Monaghan, Sept 17 

"If it is your first experience with a train the trainer course trust TeeJay to guide you in the right direction!" 

Virginie Guyotjeannine, Enhanceable, Sept 17 

"TeeJay is an engaging trainer. The course is delivered with fun and energy. She ensures each person's learning styles are incorporated, this has been a brilliant course to go on and very valuable"

Amy Kemp, Enhanceable, Sept 17

"Very comprehensive course covering all aspects of medication administration and valuable tips to help you deliver the course to others"

Sharon Allen, Freeman College, Sep 17 

"Great two days with a good balance of listening and doing".
Raj Nijjar, Action for Children, Nov 16

"Thank you - a great training event, very engaging and interactive. It's a shame it came to an end".
Gavin Willmott, Action for Children, Nov 16

"Gave me a very good understanding of medication training".
Hazel Baillie, Action for Children, Oct 16

"Over exceeded my expectations, very good at keeping me engaged".
Jared McNeil, Action for Children, Oct 16

"Inspiring, motivational, enjoyable, makes me want to improve. Would love to have the energy of the trainer!"
Cathy Riley, BHFT, Sept 16

"Great course with excellent content. Tee Jay is lively and positive and is happy to explain any queries or questions. This course will change my practice."
Oliver Kemp, Springfield's, Sept 16

"This course was both really enjoyable and useful, filled with lots of information but not overpowering. Trainer's approach made everyone comfortable and she answered our questions enabling all to take something away and apply personally."
Charmaine Morris, Elate/Cleeve Link, Sept 16

"I would highly recommend Momentum People, the content was excellent, it was given by a highly qualified trainer in a way that I understood."
Dawn Ball, Caron's Careline, Sept 16

"This training is very clear and easy to follow with great hints and tips. Content was clear and could be easily adapted. Lots of time for idea sharing and sharing information. Really great for support staff who need to deliver training. Trainer was supportive and helpful and understanding."
Kirsty North, Enhanceable

"The training is fun and interactive and promoted excellent group participation without anyone feeling uncomfortable. I will leave this training with the skills to provide interesting, engaging and appropriate training to enable our saff to administer medication confidently and competently."
Ydell Howson, NCLS

"This has been such a wonderful experience! I will definitely recommend this training. Very friendly atmosphere, lots of content covered and materials provided! Not only have I been trained in terms of medication training, but also to improve my presenting skills and confidence! Great course."
Mat Bedkowski, Enhancable Care

"This course definitely increases knowledge with training tips and presentation advice on how to interact with others to be as effective as possible for people to absorb the information and tae it back to the workplace"
Julie Archer, Holmleigh Care

"Met all my expectations and more. Clear, concise, and time given to ask questions and expand discussion. Excellent course, informative, interactive, thought provoking and Fun!"
Sheri Bidmead, Holmleigh Care

"This was a really excellent course that not only provided information about the core subject, but also gave useful tips for my role as a trainer. It also gives a better understanding of medicines, their uses, and how they work"
Phil Ellaway, Holmleigh Care

"Another well presented, educational and entertaining course delivered in a fantastic venue. Well done TeeJay for your hard work and enthusiasm"
Shirley McCrea, Independent Training

"The course was really interesting with lots of interaction. I learned new things and developed confidence" -
Dorothy Walker, B.I.R.T

"Very good content. Helpful, friendly and approachable trainer"  
Catherine Beattie, Candlelight Care

"I was very enthused about the whole 3 day course, after the first few minutes delivery from TeeJay I was not disappointed!"
Karen Stevens, Hays House

"The training is excellent. Well paced, informative, easy to learn. Gives you skills and techniques in your training such as dealing with disruptive candidates, needs of candidates, ways of learning and styles. Very valuable information that I will be able to use as a trainer and a manager. Thank you"
Vicky Edmunds Service Manager LC Disability

"Valuable resources as well as content. You will learn a lot and have fun!"
Joy Robinson FMC Training Services, Cumbria

"Thank you for making me realise that I am worthy and do have the confidence and the skills to stand up and train others. these are gifts for life"
Susan Slater, Trainer, Abicare

"You will have fun, laughter and your nerves will be tested! The time will fly by, you will be saying Can we have a 5 day course instead!"
Mandy Dunford, Ayelsbury College

"I would recommend other healthcare professionals to come on this course and student nurses as not only do you learn about medication, the presentation skills and people skills taught are invaluable - Thank you"
Maria Crandon Autonomy

"This course went over and above my expectations covering more than previous courses I've done but without being dull or irrelevant" -
Jina Glashier

"The course was very educational and enjoyable with a relaxed atmosphere and TeeJay is a professional and it shows. we had lots of fun and it was well worth every penny. I have learned a lot about myself as a person. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thank you TeeJay"
Stephanie Atkinson, Lancaster

"Extremely informative course. Makes you re-evaluate your training delivery and helps you to gain knowledge in how candidates receive and understand course topics. The medication side of the course is really thorough and the examples given were shock and awe plus fun :-) Well done TeeJay"
Shirley McCrea Independent Training, Cheltenham

"If you want a relaxed, easy way to learn about meds, TeeJay is the one to come to! You get a good, thorough training and do not come out exhausted at the end! REFRESHED and inspired is how you will feel"
Erika Sliwinski Abicare

"The course is split into 2 halves by confidence building skills and trainer skills and looking at medication and the law etc The course is very relaxed and enjoyable, TeeJay is very passionate about what she does"
Lucy Malloy Abicare

"You should really come on this course, there should be more courses like this available!"
Beverley Gater

"I found the course very knowledgeable and fun. I think if TeeJay wasn't as happy, fun and informative I wouldn't have enjoyed the course as much as I did :-)"
Leanne Willis Acquire Care

"This course really helps you to understand the legal side of safe practice where medicine is concerned- and when working in the community, we all need as much protection as possible, both carers and service users equally. Very informative- thank you very much"
Lena Healy, Abicare Services Ltd

"This course was very informative and was delivered in a way that meant it wasn't complicated, confusing or scary. Any questions were answered well and lots of resources were given"
Rebecca Jones, Castle Care Wessex

'Thank you - Excellent presentation from someone clearly passionate and full of knowledge about what they do!'
Carly O'Grady, Paediatric Nurse Specialist, Royal Derby Hospital

"Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. This training has been relevant and given a great starting point to deliver 'quality' training to others"
Louise Jenkins, Lighthouse and Special Schools Paediatric Nurse

"Much better training than I have ever received in the NHS!! Really keen to go back and make my training more exciting and interesting"
Hannah Lyman, Berkshire Foundation Trust




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