Train the Trainer – Safe Use of Medicines

Teach best practice in administering medicines

Participants enjoying the Train the Trainer - Safe Use of Medicines

Train in the Safe Use of Medicines with Confidence

Train the Trainer – Safe Use of Medicines is a comprehensive three-day course that will give those delivering courses to other people the knowledge and confidence needed to offer an engaging and informative learning experience.

Designed for senior healthcare professionals, managers and independent trainers delivering high-quality, up-to-date training courses within organisations where employees need to understand how to safely use medicines this course will equip with the content and equipment they will need.

Course content

Train the Trainer – Safe Use of Medicines will teach essential and engaging techniques to trainers who will be training others how to safely and effectively use medicines in line with the latest legislation.

As well as building confidence and working on delivery techniques, participants will leave with the knowledge and equipment they need to successfully deliver the safe use of medicines course to others.

Legislation and guidance

  • Levels of support
  • Promoting independence with medicines
  • Compliance aids – monitored dosage systems
  • Controlled drugs
  • Storage and shelf life
  • Ordering and receiving medication
  • Disposal of medicines
  • Consent
  • Covert administration
  • Secondary dispensing
  • Homely remedies
  • PRN medication
  • Keeping administration records
  • What is a medicine?
  • How do medicines work?
  • Names of medicines
  • Formulation
  • Administration of tablets and capsules
  • Administration of liquids
  • Administration of eye preparations
  • Administration of patches
  • Administration of creams and ointments
  • Administration of inhalers
  • Dose instructions
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Who is this course designed for?

Train the Trainer – Safe Use of Medicines is suitable for new and experienced trainers, offering tips on techniques and insights for all. This course will allow senior healthcare professionals, managers and independent trainers to listen to and participate in the course they will go on to teach, as well as equip them to deliver it.

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Course reviews

Could not recommend this course enough! Absolutely invaluable to all health care professionals working with medications/providing training. TeeJay’s skills as a trainer are brilliant. She has vast brilliant knowledge that is given in an energetic and engaging way! The teaching/training methods taught are brilliant learning about different learning preferences.

Eldon Millward, Royal Derby Hospital

This course is very well set out. You learn lots of new information from a very experienced and engaging trainer. Time flies when TeeJay is training!

Deborah Sproston, ECHC

This has been such a wonderful experience! I will definitely recommend this training. Very friendly atmosphere, lots of content covered and materials provided! Not only have I been trained in terms of medication training, but also to improve my presenting skills and confidence! Great course.

Mat Bedkowski, Enhancable Care
The course was very educational and enjoyable with a relaxed atmosphere and TeeJay is a professional and it shows. We had lots of fun and it was well worth every penny. I have learned a lot about myself as a person. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thank you TeeJay.
Stephanie Atkinson

Extremely informative course. Makes you re-evaluate your training delivery and helps you to gain knowledge in how candidates receive and understand course topics. The medication side of the course is really thorough and the examples given were shock and awe plus fun :-) Well done TeeJay.

Shirley McCrea , Independent Training

The content was very clear and the research around it, the trainers knowledge as a pharmacist was very valuable. It allowed me to learn things that I’ve never heard of in all the years I’ve done medication training.

Lavanya Subramaniam , Action for Children

Course duration

Train the Trainer – Safe Use of Medicines is a comprehensive three-day course. During the course, please allow for a duration of 8 hours for the day, which includes lunch and breaks.

Course outcome

On completion of the course, trainers will have learned confidence and training skills to complement their experience and to support them in delivering engaging courses.

They will leave with full knowledge of the Safe Use of Medicines course and the content and equipment to deliver this training within their own organisation. Participants will also enjoy the support and advice of a pharmacy expert.

Course screenshots

Ways to study

Train the Trainer – Safe Use of Medicines courses are available as in-house or online sessions tailored to your specific organisation, or individuals and small teams can secure a place on one of the open course events taking place throughout the year.

Train the Trainer – Safe Use of Medicines training fees

3 day open course – £850 + VAT per person

3 day In-house courses for up to 8 people £4550 + VAT and travel where applicable.

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