Ostomies Awareness Training

How to support people with an ostomy

The Ostomy Awareness Training course will give participants an overview of the different types of ostomies including anatomy and physiology.

Practical exercises in the care required to maintain a healthy ostomy.

Course content

Participants will:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of what an ostomy is
  • Why people have an ostomy
  • How to manage an ostomy
  • Complications with an ostomy
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Who is this course designed for?

The Ostomy Training course is designed for care personnel working within adult care and children’s services. Participants will enhance their knowledge and learn how best to support clients with an ostomy.

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Course duration

The Ostomy Awareness course is a 1-hour session online.

Face-to-Face including competency is a 2 hour session.

Course outcome

To have an understanding of what an ostomy is, the reasons why a person may have an ostomy and how to care for one.

Ways to study

Ostomy Awareness Training is available as an online (via Zoom or Teams) course for theory only.

In-house Face-to-Face training is available for theory and competency assessments.

Ostomy Awareness Training course fees

Ostomy Awareness Training is £195 + VAT for a 1-hour online session.

Ostomy Awareness with Competency Training is £295 + VAT and travel where applicable for a 2-hour session face-to-face for a maximum of 12 participants.

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