Medication Awareness Training

Medication training for health, care and social environments

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Professional medication training online and in-person

Professional medication training can vary from industry to roles and in responsibilities. Basic medication training is fundamental in reducing workplace and dispensing errors but often, skills and knowledge differ in changing environments and organisations.

Momentum People offers a range of medicines training options available as live online or in-person sessions to fill knowledge gaps and expand skillset.

Just a brilliantly crafted course that met all the needs for us to deliver great medication training.

Phil Easton, Enhanceable

Brilliant! Easily digestible training. Lots of useful information which would suit anyone in any role – thank you TeeJay :-)

I found this course empowering as it tackled both the medication side but also a range of ideas for delivery which will make me a better trainer across all my subject areas, thank you!

Lucy Willder, Fitzroy Care
Medicine and drug administration paperwork

Medication training to suit roles and responsibilities

All medication courses cover foundation awareness and build on industry-specific requirements. Dedicated courses are tailored for management roles, nurses or carers and healthcare staff from care homes, schools and those responsible for children.

Although most care roles are similar there will be specific requirements and responsibilities. Momentum People medication training courses address these differences and include:

The course content is blended to create a mix of practical information and interactive techniques for participants to gain new skills and improve knowledge. Trainers teach participants to effectively administer all types of medication and confidently handle any number of complexities.

Medication training for nurses

Where do most medication errors occur?

Statistically, there is no difference in the number of medication errors occurring in nursing homes versus residential homes, yet it is perceived to be significantly lower in nursing homes.

Often within the care environment, nursing staff miss out on important complexities training and refresher resources because of this assumption that nurses ‘just know’.

Momentum People’s medication courses provide up-to-date knowledge, practical guidance and dispensing administration support to ensure that competencies and confidence stays on top form.

Medication training for carers

Medication training is available for carers as an open workshop for individuals or small teams of two or three. Open day training is ideal for carers who are agency workers, looking to get back into work or feel they need to upskill. An eLearning option is available on-demand for learners with time and access constraints and who need to learn at their own pace.

Training for carers can also be accessed as an in-house workshop for larger organisations which need to book training for several staff members and require some level of tailored content. 

Advanced medication training covering medication care needs assessment and support management – a key process within the regulated Care Needs Assessment – is available for senior carers and managers.

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Medication training for schools and children’s services

Schools, colleges, universities and nurseries, despite not being classed as a health service still need to meet the requirements of OFSTED and the CQC. 

Momentum People offers dedicated training to guide designated staff in medication awareness and the safe administration of medicines. Training is offered as an open course but can also be booked as in-house training and tailored to meet the policies, procedures and paperwork specific to staff needs.

Medication Training in a meeting room

Accessible and affordable medication training

Medicines training is valuable for learners to add to a continued professional development (CPD) portfolio and helps to raise the standards of care provided throughout our care system.

Courses are available for all participants who are employed or studying in the UK.

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