Terms & Conditions

No contract shall arise until a booking has been accepted registered and confirmed in writing by the Company. All bookings for all courses pursuant to quotation or otherwise shall if accepted by the Company be subject to these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions shall not be varied in any way and no other terms and conditions in any other document or communication shall apply unless and so far as the Company has expressly so agreed.


All fees are quoted per individual attending a course and whilst every effort is made to maintain fees the Company reserves the right to amend quoted fees prior to attendance and registration of any bookings. A minimum booking of 10 people or the equivalent cost will be required.

All fees become due and payable in full upon acceptance and registration, and payment of all course fees is to be made not later than 14 days after receipt of invoice.

Cancellation/rescheduling of events

No refund or deduction of fees will be allowed in the event of cancellation or absence or non-attendance for any reason whatsoever subject to the Company’s discretion in the events below:

a) Where notice of cancellation is received by the Company prior to commencement of the course a partial refund of fees may be allowed subject to a cancellation fee according to the period of notice on the following scale:

  • 15 days or more – £5 administration fee
  • 14 to 8 days – 50% of course fee
  • 7 days or less – 100% of course fee

b) In the event of absence through illness and subject to production of a medical certificate the Company reserves the right to offer a rescheduled course at a date and time in its sole discretion or alternatively to allow a partial refund of fees (pro rata/as it may deem appropriate).

The Company reserves the right in the event of unforeseen circumstances to reschedule or change the venue for any course. The company reserves the right in it’s sole discretion for whatever reason to cancel a course or to offer a re-scheduled course starting on a different date from the date originally booked and unless such re-scheduled course is agreed no fee shall be payable and the company will return all fees paid.

Course changes

Momentum People reserves the right to improve the specification and format of its courses for the benefit of its customers without notice to the customer.

Momentum People may substitute the agreed trainer for someone of the same knowledge and experience when necessary.