Health Coach Training

Empowering health workers to shift client mindsets

Healthcare coaching session with two women

Health Coach Training designed for better living

Momentum People’s Health Coach Training has been developed to empower health workers to coach their own clients, who suffer from long term medical conditions, to take responsibility for their mental health, physical health and overall wellbeing.

The training will provide participants with the tools and techniques to inspire their clients to take back control of their life by being more proactive in living with an illness.

Course content

The Health Coach Training comprises five full days and will take an in-depth look at the individual first before expanding high-level techniques that build rapport, enhance communication and motivate.

Day 1

The first day will introduce participants to the concept of internal representation and how individual thoughts, feelings and emotions based on past experiences and future predictions impact our actions

  • Effective communication
  • The concept of cause and effect
  • Motivation and commitment
  • Collaboration and partnership

The course content is interactive and designed to inspire curiosity and encourage a commitment to positive change to achieve success.

Day 2

The second day will dive deeper into how people communicate by words, voice tone and body language.

Participants will learn about the six essential human needs, different learning styles and the impact of positive and negative behaviours.

Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic communication

Spotting signs and symptoms

Mental health awareness and coping strategies

The Triad State of the body, focus and words

Physiology of excellence

Gratitude and focus participants will be able to empathise with the feelings and emotions of being diagnosed with a long-term condition and how its prognosis can have life-changing implications.

Day 3

The third day will introduce the concept of visualisation and four key steps to mastering emotions.

Goal-setting will be a large focus of the day in helping participants to understand the benefits of keeping all aspects of life in balance to achieve true alignment and success.

  • Dreams
  • Goal-setting
  • The power of focus and balance
  • Circle of excellence
  • Celebrating small wins
  • Beliefs and limiting beliefs

Practical and engaging exercises will show participants how to tap into the power of their amazing minds so that it becomes a reality.

Day 4

The fourth day will cover individual values and how to reframe negative thinking patterns to enhance a partnership relationship when working with clients.

  • Values and benchmarking
  • Faulty thinking styles – negative thinking patterns
  • Pre-framing and reframing
  • Person-centred conversation
  • Coaching framework – IGROW model

By the end of day four, participants will be ready to pull all elements together that will develop a consistent process to follow when dealing with clients living with a long-term illness.

Day 5

The final day will highlight several successful case studies that showcase the powerful techniques learnt over the course of the week. The case studies will introduce various healthcare environments and types of clients and carers to show how the methods and systems are implemented.

Interactive sessions will combine all aspects of communication, behaviours, goal-setting, values and systems ready to apply immediately on the next working day.

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Who is this course designed for?

This coaching course is ideal for all healthcare personnel, at any level, who deal with clients living with a long-term medical condition.

Participants will enhance their knowledge of how to effectively support clients by empowering them to take responsibility and make the most of their life with positivity and gratitude.

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Course reviews

This training exceeded my expectations. I learned skills that not only help me in my new role as a Health Coach but in my personal life too. 
Leanne Tomkinson

It exceeded my expectations by far! The coaching toolkit, the practical exercises, the drawings and the workbook were all brilliant! 

Karen Huntley,
The coaching toolkit and doing the exercises for myself have really helped me to understand how to use them and the impact they will have with my clients. Exceeded expectations and really gave me direction as to how to run coaching sessions.  
Wendy Thompson,

The best training I have ever been on with a nice variety of learning styles included. It made me wish everyday could be training like this! I am so keen to be working with people providing these skills to them. 

Tracy Tomkins,

Thoroughly enjoyed the training. It is by far the most engaging and interesting training I have ever completed. Thank you.

Survet Tasweer,

Course duration

Health Coach Training is a weeklong course. Please allow for a duration of eight hours per day, which includes lunch and breaks.

Course outcome

At the end of the course, participants will understand how to implement positive methods in coaching their own clients to take responsibility for their mental health, physical health and overall wellbeing.

Ways to study

Health Coach Training is available as online or in-person training for healthcare teams and staff members. The course content can be tailored to include organisation-specific policies and procedures where required.

Health Coach Training fees

5 day in-house course £7500 plus VAT and travel where applicable for up to 10 staff members.

Why use Momentum People?

Momentum People’s training courses introduce diverse coaching and training styles using a holistic approach to ensure personal sustainability as well as practical knowledge and upskilling.

Specialist behaviour, communication and business strategy disciplines blend with pharmaceutical expertise to ensure courses are engaging, fun and hands-on.

Join thousands of professional healthcare individuals, teams and leaders who have already benefited from learning with Momentum People.

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