Advanced medication training for carers

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Female carer administering medicine to resident

Advanced medication training for carers

This Advanced Medication Training for Carers course has been developed to meet the needs of care managers and senior care workers in county councils, social services departments, education settings and the private care sector.

The course provides expert guidance on the essential information required from a service user to ensure they receive the correct care package and medication.

Course content

The Advanced Medication Training for Carers course will outline the requisite for a Medicines Needs Assessment and what information is required for the care plan.

Participants will be introduced to the different levels of support that are provided by care teams and guided on policies, procedures and medication administration record keeping.

  • Consent and covert administration
  • Record keeping
  • Authorised compliance aids
  • Common medicines
  • Medication reviews
  • Promoting independence

Practical and engaging activities will introduce a culture that empowers and enables rather than doing, so that carers can feel confident in managing medication and supporting clients.

Guidance on when and where to access support will be given.

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Who is this course designed for?

Advanced Medication Training for Carers is ideal for care managers and senior carers who work in a county council, social services, education or private care sector environment.

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Course reviews

This course is delivered in a fun and dynamic way that allows for learning and sharing of experience without it feeling awkward or laborious. I really enjoyed the day and feel my knowledge base has had a good refresh.

Megan White, St Vincent's and St George's

TeeJay your medication training is the best I have attended. You manage to keep my attention and explain things in a manner that helps me to remember and use them in my job role.

Ilona Warner, Crossroads C & EG

The most interesting and informative medication training I have had so far.

Sylwia Latar, Accolade Support

Great course, the day passed so quickly, an absolute must for your care managers to refresh and underpin knowledge.

Fiona Hodder, Heritage Healthcare

I found the course very informative, really good information around the laws about cannabis and controlled drugs. Very knowledgeable training, really engaged with participants and answered questions and clarified things for me. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Debbie Frost, Bluebird Care

Course duration

Advanced Medication Training for Carers is a full day course. Please allow for a duration of eight hours, which includes lunch and breaks.

Course outcome

At the end of the course, participants will understand how to ensure the correct care package is implemented for their patients through appropriate planning.

Participants learn about roles and responsibilities and fully appreciate Medicines Needs Assessment procedures and medication administration record keeping.

Ways to study

Advanced Medication Training for Carers is available as an in-person or online (via Zoom or Teams) course for organisations. The content can be tailored to match the needs of specific policies and procedures.

The course is also available as an open calendar event for individuals and small teams. These events are held regularly throughout the year.

Advanced Medication Training for Carers course fees

£950 per day plus VAT and travel where applicable for up to 12 participants.

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