Legal Categories of Medicines Card Sort Game

Legal Categories of Medicines Card Sort Game

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The Legal Categories of Medicines Card Sort Game is an engaging, educational activity designed to test participants’ knowledge of medicine classifications.

Players sort medicines into General Sales List (G.S.L), Pharmacy Only (P), and Prescription Only Medicines (P.O.M) categories.

Ideal for small groups of 5-6, the game fosters teamwork and competition.

Each session takes 3-5 minutes, with rapid scoring and feedback.

Perfect for meds trainers and team-building, this game makes learning about medicine classifications fun and interactive. Enhance your training toolkit with this effective, quick, and enjoyable learning activity.

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Key Features:

Educational Aim: Enhance understanding of which medicines fall into specific legal categories.
Group Interaction: Best played in small groups of 5-6 people, fostering teamwork and healthy competition.
Quick and Fun: Each game session lasts between 3-5 minutes, with rapid scoring and feedback.


How to Play:

Preparation: Distribute a game packet to each group, instructing them to keep it sealed until the game begins.
Objective: Participants sort various medicines into the correct categories (G.S.L, P, P.O.M) based on the provided information.
Timing: Allocate 3-5 minutes for the sorting task, adjusting as needed based on group progress.
Scoring: Once time is up, participants will finalize their answers. Announce the correct categorization, and groups will self-score.
Results: Collect scores, announce the winning group, and address any questions or clarifications.

This game is perfect for educational settings, pharmacy training, or team-building activities, making learning about medicine classifications engaging and interactive.

What’s included:

  1. 30 Medication Cards
  2. Three Category Cards
  3. Set of Instructions
  4. Folder to Store Game

Add this game to your training toolkit and watch as your team’s knowledge and collaboration skills grow!


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